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Version history for Executor (Portable)

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Changes for v0.99.31b - v0.99.32b

  • Added exclude list setting. This can hide items from list and/or input auto-complete. Found under "Settings - Misc".
  • Added pressing "esc" key in Notes hides the Notes window.
  • Added hidden setting in Executor.ini named "indexextraitems". With this you can remove some of the additional indexing, beside start-menu, that Executor does when indexing is enabled. For example the control panel items, admin tools and short-cuts from desktop etc. See hidden settings documentation for more info.

Changes for v0.99.30b - v0.99.31b

  • Added option to specify another location for Notes (found in Settings - Notes). When changing location several options of how to migrate to the new location will be presented.
  • Added option to monitor Notes for external changes to file (found in Settings - Notes).
  • Added list of clipboard will now show the date and time of each clipboard item.
  • Added option to save clipboard to disk for X amount of hours. So if Executor is closed, clipboard items are not lost in Executor. This is found under "settings - misc". This is disabled by default. Be aware that the saved clipboard entries are not protected on disk, but only obfuscated to not be readable clear text.
  • Added a button in "Settings - Misc" to clear Executor's clipboard items.
  • Added $CLEARCLIPBOARD$, setting this as a command of a keyword will clear Executor's clipboard items.

Changes for v0.99.28b - v0.99.29b

  • Added Notes which is a small notepad for quick notes etc. It's saved as notes.txt in executors data folder.
  • Added -n will open notes. -n also supports parameter text to add notes quickly. Example -n remember milk.
  • Added a new default keyword "notes" it works just like "-n", you can of course decide to add a hotkey to this (existing users can import this keyword from standard.exc) The new keyword is using the keyword command $NOTES$.
  • Added notes to right-click context menu of Executor.
  • Added $CLIPBOARDTONOTES$, setting this as a command of a keyword will copy current clipboard item to notes.
  • Added $ALLCLIPBOARDTONOTES$, setting this as a command of a keyword will copy all clipboard items that Executor have currently picked up to notes.
  • Added $COPYTONOTES$, setting this as a command of a keyword will trigger a text copy to clipboard and then copy this to notes. This is only useful if assigning a hotkey to the keyword as well. So you can highlight some text somewhere (like a browser), press the hotkey and then the highlighted text will be copied to notes.
  • Added setting "When adding to notes add to bottom instead of top." this is found under "Misc" settings.
  • Added a list of the internal commands will be displayed in list when starting input with "-".
  • Added hidden setting "commandslast" this can be set to 1 in executor.ini, if you want commands to appear last in list instead of first.
  • Added Input title context will now also detect internal commands (like -a, -add, -edit etc) and show title of these (help text).

Changes for v0.99.27b - v0.99.28b

  • Added option "Launch list items by pressing it's number unsing nemeric keys". This can be found in "Settings - Drop down / list".
  • Added option "Show numbers in list (1-9)". This can be found in "Settings - Drop down / list".
  • Added when no executor.ini is found, but a backup is found, then there's an option to restore backup.
  • Changed that -folder, -f, -exefolder, -ef, -report and $DATAFOLDER$ also supports optional file explorer option.

Changes for v0.99.11b - v0.99.12b

  • Fixed Several stability bugs (fixes ported from latest test build 0.99.17).

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