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Version history for FBackup

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Changes for v8.1.206 - v8.2.216

  • Fix: Minor fixes for notifications
  • v8.2.214
  • Fix: Modified and excluded versions of the same file in a backup number
  • Fix: Console was blocked when the monitoring service stopped responding
  • Fix: Error backing up Outlook during the "Creating block list" phase
  • Fix: Error when importing backup jobs from previous versions

Changes for v8.1.202 - v8.1.206

  • Fix: Minor fixes on Windows 10

Changes for v8.1.201 - v8.1.202

  • Update: Reduced window & button flickering on resize
  • Fix: Signed MSI file with new certificate

Changes for v8.1.195 - v8.1.201

  • Update: Reduced window flickering on resize
  • Fix: Signed MSI file with new certificate

Changes for v8.0.148 - v8.1.195

  • Fix: Save grouping for tables
  • Fix: Remote monitoring error when using different decimal separator
  • Fix: Flush remote monitor updates before sending the finish message
  • Changes in FBackup 8.1.183 (19-June-2019)
  • New: Remote monitoring support for backups and other actions
  • New: Option to show News page again after being hidden
  • New: Added job name instead of job ID in the description column
  • Fix: Navigation pane showed Expanded even with Collapsed/Off in options
  • Fix: Ensure folder exists before downloading file
  • Fix: Overwrite mirror files notification
  • Fix: Ensure cache is flushed when stopping the application
  • Fix: Destination was changed when opening multiple jobs at once
  • Fix: Display settings reset after restart
  • Fix: Reduce catalog loading time
  • Changes in FBackup 8.0.155 (15-May-2019)
  • New: Backup Data Deduplication files
  • Fix: Mirror Backup to CD/DVD source error

Changes for v7.0.181 - v7.0.199

  • Update: Quick Test option for Scheduler
  • Update: Improved loading of ribbon background image
  • Fix: Scheduled jobs were not imported correctly in some situations
  • Fix: Make sure backup catalogs are not in use during import
  • Fix: Edit scheduled task will display other tasks as modified
  • Fix: "Path not found" error for Dropbox backups
  • Fix: Destination folders were created in the root folder for Dropbox backups
  • Fix: Importing backup jobs with plugins in version 7
  • Fix: Restore default layout

Changes for v6.4.355 - v6.4.355

  • •New: Added Burmese and Thai languages
  • •Update: Interface updates for the setup screen
  • •Update: German, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovak and Turkish translation updates
  • •Update: Improved detection of removable drives

Changes for v6.1.174 - v6.4.309

  • New: Quick Test action for backup jobs
  • Update: Update: Better detection for Removable/External drives
  • Update: Update: Translation support for labels used in notification emails
  • Update: Update: Updated multiple languages
  • Update: Update: Partial redesign for Check for updates
  • Fix: Option to hide tray icon was overridden after an update
  • Fix: Small conflicts between different major versions on the same machine
  • Fix: Status for master password was not updated for Google Drive
  • Fix: File count progress was not displayed for Google Drive backups

Changes for v6.0.91 - v6.0.122

  • Update: Modified Authenticode signature to use EV certificates for setup
  • Update: Improved backup speed when backing up large numbers of files

Changes for v5.3.723 - v5.5.835

  • New: User interface is now available in Danish
  • New: Added Japanese language for the user interface
  • New: Added Korean language for the user interface
  • New: Added Portuguese Brazil language for the user interface
  • New: Added Serbian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Vietnamese language for the user interface
  • Update: Updated translations for Chinese Simplified, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Romanian and Slovenian
  • Update: Fully compatible with Windows 10

Changes for v5.1.541 - v5.1 Build 549

  • Features:
  • Added Italian language for the interface
  • Updates:
  • Independent test removes tested zip files from temp folder when completed
  • Calculated compression ratio is now more precise
  • Show support email when there's an installation error
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed AV when clicking on the update notification from tray

Changes for v5.0.460 - v5.0.483

  • Windows 8 ReFS file system is now fully supported
  • Sort files and folders in backup view
  • .ost files are excluded from Outlook backups (those are not needed)
  • Disabled Try Again link when install conditions were not fulfilled during setup

Changes for v4.6.250 - v4.7.266

  • New: Added command line application, so it's now possible to run FBackup from the command prompt, through .bat files or scripts
  • New: Added an independent Test operation to allow verifying existing backups
  • New: It is now possible to Pause and Resume a running backup
  • Fix: Scheduler tasks created with the new backup wizard did not start.
  • Fix: Time format used for scheduled jobs is now the same as Windows time format.

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