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Version history for Soft Organizer (formerly Full Uninstall)

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Changes for v4.02 - v4.03

  • A Soft Organizer icon added to its Explorer context menu command for running an application with tracing.
  • The problem with the application's digital signature has been fixed.

Changes for v4.01 - v4.02

  • Improved the program stability.

Changes for v3.51 - v4.01

  • Update check for Windows 8/8.1/10 (Windows Store) applications.
  • Some interface improvements.

Changes for v3.50 - v3.51

  • Bug fixed: High CPU resources consumption during the work of the standard uninstaller when removing an application.

Changes for v3.41 - v3.50

  • When removing the application traces now the backup is created in the Undoing Change Center. This makes it easy to recover the deleted application traces in case of necessary, for example, if you removed the program's traces, whereupon decided that you wish to continue using it.
  • Uninstalling applications is faster due to the fact that the system restore point is not created now before the application's traces removal. (The quickly working Undoing changes center is now used instead to provide the ability to rollback the traces removal).
  • If the installer execution tracking agent is enabled, it gets loaded with a 1 minute delay after logging in to the system. (Previously this used to occur immediately after logging in.) This was done to boost the system's moving into the fully working condition by reducing the number of processes executed simultaneously just after the system has loaded.

Changes for v3.40 - v3.41

  • The application icons in the tabled view became larger and rendered better (under Windows Vista or higher).
  • Increased accuracy of the application installing with tracing function. In some cases the superfluous registry might have been added to the applications traces.

Changes for v3.33 - v3.40

  • The search for the installed applications updates function
  • now works faster (significantly faster on some systems).
  • When pressing the Download Update button for one of the
  • applications for which the update was found, the new version
  • information page is opened right away now, without the
  • intermediate page. For applications with the verified update
  • only.

Changes for v3.32 - v3.33

  • The Installer Execution Tracking Agent has been updated to eliminate the false operations.
  • Bug fixed: In some cases the superfluous folders were added to the applications traces.

Changes for v3.26 - v3.30

  • For each installed application, Soft Organizer now shows the percentage of users who removed the application shortly after installation. This helps to identify the unnecessary applications.
  • A change to the installed applications updating function. If an update is detected for some application and Soft Organizer can provide a verified download link for the update, the application will be highlighted in the list with a checkmark.
  • Interface improvement: The Notation Conventions window's height was increased which removes the vertical scroll bar.
  • Improved accuracy of the application installing with tracing function, so that the system changes which do not apply to the application being installed will not be registered.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

Changes for v3.21 - v3.25

  • When uninstalling applications that may change the browser settings, like various browser toolbars, Soft Organizer shows information about how to return your browser's settings to the initial state.
  • Soft Organizer is now able to determine the name of the application installed with tracing even if it does not register itself in the registry (in the uninstall keys). For example, such situation may take place for portable applications. Earlier, by default such applications were assigned the "Installed Application" name. The Installer Execution Tracking Agent has been improved.
  • Fixed bugs:
  • When running under the 64-bit system, when running the application's tracing using the Explorer context menu the program to be traced have not been launched automatically if located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Changes for v3.0 - v3.21

  • Entries filtering is accelerated on slow systems when entering the
  • search string in the top right part of the window.

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