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Version history for In My Diary (portable)

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Changes for v2.99 - v3.00

  • 1. In My Diary now uses multi-language lookup files so that the displayed text can be in any one of a number of languages in addition to English. Currently Dutch, Italian, Danish, Czech, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese are available with French, German and Swedish in preparation. More translations can easily be added to the program as they become available.
  • 2. The built-in language editor allows users to create their own translations either for private use or which can be added to the distribution.
  • 3. Editing 'Special Days' (Saint's days etc.) is much simpler, and copies the interface used for adding anniversaries. Clicking over a Special Day in the diary also opens a list with the clicked event highlighted for easy identification.
  • 4. In addition to opening and running files on your computer, setting an event as a 'computer task' now also recognises http, www, ftp and mailto URLs so that websites etc. can be launched by the diary at specified times and on startup.
  • 5. More contacts data is exported to excel (title, early birthday notification, categories joined etc.)
  • 6. Importing contacts from an excel file is now possible, either from one saved from In My Diary or as an import from another PIM.
  • 7. The Help file has been updated and is now in a more readable bookmarked PDF format.
  • 7. Note section pages 'turn' in a more natural (virtual) manner.
  • 8. Repeating event reference numbers no longer show when hovering over text or in diary print outs

Changes for v2.98 - v2.99

  • 1. Alarm messages for diary events, anniversaries and birthdays can be turned off in the Options window so they do not pop up. Email messages will still be sent, and the warnings can be turned on again as required.
  • 2. Fixed an important security bug in Windows version where, if the program password became deleted or corrupted, the diary was still minimizing to the task bar instead of closing down.

Changes for v2.96 - v2.98

  • 1. Contacts can now be assigned categories for the purpose of printing labels etc. Initially there are four default categories (Work, Friends, Home, Christmas cards) but these can be renamed and others added to a maximum of 12. Individual contacts can 'join' as many categories as is appropriate for that entry.
  • 2. Some errors concerning repeating alarms showing incorrect dates for 'past' events have been corrected.
  • 3. Where a repeating event has passed its final repeat, but the diary has not been opened or saved for a lengthy period after that, further entries were being created in error. This has now been corrected.

Changes for v2.95 - v2.96

  • 1. Addresses can now be searched when using either the Contacts or Global search facilities.
  • 2. Journal and Password database now also copy over when converting from Standard to self-contained edition when using the startup automated system.
  • 3. I left a test button (untitled) in version 2.95. Pressing this would do no harm but was unsightly.

Changes for v2.94 - v2.95

  • 1. There is now an automated system built into the self-contained version so that all your data can be easily copied and preserved if you are converting from the standard edition (not on Linux, sorry).
  • 2. The Notes index can be put into alphabetical order by clicking over the head of the list.

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