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Version history for Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment for Windows

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Changes for v7 update 17 - v7 update 21

Changes for v6 update 16 - v6 update 17

  • Bug Fixes
  • 6631533 java classes_2d ICC_Profile allows detecting if some files exist
  • 6815780 java classes_2d TrueType font parsing crash when stressing Sun Bug 6751322 test case
  • 6822057 java classes_2d X11 and Win32GraphicsDevice don't clone arrays returned from getConfigurations()
  • 6862969 java classes_2d JPEG JFIF Decoder issue
  • 6862970 java classes_2d Image Color Profile parsing issue
  • 6872357 java classes_2d JRE AWT setDifflCM vulnerable to Stack Overflow
  • 6872358 java classes_2d JRE AWT setBytePixels vulnerable to Heap Overflow
  • 6664512 java classes_awt Component and [Default]KeyboardFocusManager pass security sensitive objects to loggers
  • 6636650 java classes_lang (cl) Resurrected ClassLoaders can still have children
  • 6861062 java classes_security Disable MD2 in certificate chain validation
  • 6863503 java classes_security SECURITY: MessageDigest.isEqual introduces timing attack vulnerabilities
  • 6864911 java classes_security ASN.1/DER input stream parser needs more work
  • 6854303 java classes_sound Sun Java HsbParser.getSoundBank Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
  • 6657026 java classes_swing Numerous static security flaws in Swing (findbugs)
  • 6657138 java classes_swing Mutable statics in Windows PL&F (findbugs)
  • 6824265 java classes_util_i18n (tz) TimeZone.getTimeZone allows probing local filesystem
  • 6632445 java imageio DoS from parsing BMPs with UNC ICC links
  • 6862968 java imageio JPEG Image Writer quantization problem
  • 6874643 java imageio ImageI/O JPEG is vulnerable to Heap Overflow
  • 6869694 java install java update malfunctioning
  • 6869752 java_deployment deployment_toolkit Deployment Toolkit plugin "launch" method vulnerable to exploits
  • 6872824 javawebstart general arbitary code execution using java web start
  • 6870531 javawebstart other REGRESSION:have problem to run JNLP app and applets with signed Jar files
  • 6842999 hotspot runtime_system Update hotspot windows os_win32 for windows 2008 R2
  • 6804454 java classes_2d RFE: Provide a way to control the printing dpi resolution from MSIE browser print. See also 6801859
  • 6813208 java classes_awt pageDialog throws NPE from applet
  • 6825342 java classes_awt Security warning may change Z-order of top-level
  • 6843003 java classes_lang Windows Server 2008 R2 system recognition
  • 6860447 java classes_security Add GlobalSign R3 Root certificate to the JDK
  • 6872579 java classes_security Add SECOM Root CA 2 to JDK
  • 6880110 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2009m
  • 6814140 java classes_util_logging deadlock due to synchronized demandLogger() code that locks ServerLogManager
  • 6879614 jaxp parse failing to parse xml document

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