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Version history for JPEGsnoop

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Changes for v1.6.1 - v1.7.0

  • Added parsing of Photoshop files (*.PSD)
  • Added decoding of Photoshop APP13 (IRB/8BIM)
  • Support for Unicode and foreign filenames
  • Extended support for IPTC parsing (IIM v4)
  • Fixed subsampling decode issues
  • Fixed IFD/Makernote dumping issues
  • Batch operation enhancements: batch extract all, alternate destination
  • Command-line enhancements: extract all JPEG
  • Many other bug fixes and enhancements
  • Minimum version now: Windows XP SP1
  • Source code extensive rewrites

Changes for v1.6.0 - v1.6.1

  • Added support for long filenames (>64 chars) in GUI [ID:3583822]
  • Changed SOS component header table display format
  • Fixed vulnerability in CSS range checks [ID:3583820]
  • Fixed DHT expand labels for EOB [ID:3442132]
  • Fixed large file handling issue (eg. 40+ megapixel images).

Changes for v1.5.2 - v1.6.0

  • Added batch extraction of JPEGs from file [ID: 3088849]
  • Fixed incorrect DQT used for 2nd chroma channel [ID: 3508359]
  • Fixed support for chroma subsampling over 2x2 (eg. 4x2) [ID: 3518288]
  • Fixed image decode for some images during Detailed Decode
  • Fixed GPS metadata display
  • Fixed JFIF comment search for assessment [ID: 3466580]
  • Improved handling of oversized files
  • Fixed YCC/RGB clipping statistics
  • Fixed large file handling issue (eg. 40+ megapixel images).

Changes for v1.5.1 - v1.5.2

  • Fixed YCC/RGB clipping statistics. Fixed large file handling issue (eg. 40+ megapixel images).

Changes for v1.5.0 - v1.5.1

  • Improved robustness of batch mode. Added average luminance report. Fixed crash on files with APP1 EXIF without IFD. Extra error checking in EXIF decode.

Changes for v1.4.1 - v1.5.0

  • Released to Open Source. Batch processing. Added "Force SOI" to Export JPEG.

Changes for v1.3.0 - v1.4.1

  • Rewrote and improved EXIF tag decode, added GPS tags, fixed Canon makernotes. Print Adobe XMP metadata (APP1). Support 12-bit lossy JPEGs. Added feature to hide unknown EXIF tags. Decode ICC header.
  • Minor update. Clarified license as free for commercial use. New icon. Report extra data following EOI.

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