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Version history for Locate32 (64-bit)

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Changes for v3.1.8.9210 RC 3 - v3.1.9.6070 Pre RC 4

  • Changes:
  • Templates for "File/Save Results" (see some example template file in templates directory)
  • It is possible to use keyboard shortcuts to open specifig tab in the settings dialog
  • It is possible to open context menu for parent folder (a new option for "Open context menu"-subaction). This is not yet assigned by default, so go to "View / Select details" or keyboard shortcut settings to assign it.
  • Slashes '/' given in directory names are replaces with back slashes '\' (e.g. "Named:" and "Look in:" fields and in parameters of locate.exe)
  • Added Stop button to the update tooltip
  • Added "Update title bar when executing search" option (Advanced settings) for instant searching
  • Added "Enable shell extension fix" option to Advanced settings. Can be tryed if unexpected crashes occur
  • Added new command line arguments for Locate32.exe: '-nf' clears "Named:" field, '-nt' sets "Type:" to "(no extension)" ('-t ""' can new be used to clear "Type" field), and '-P0', '-P1', ... can be used to choose 'Everywhere' in 'Look in' (see the help file for more information).
  • New icons (thanks to rolloLG) and loading some icons from shell32.dll and imageres.dll
  • Fixed: "Open Containing folder" and "Special"-menu were missing in simple File MenuCommand
  • Fixed: problem with filesizes over 4GB in minimum/maximum when bytes are used
  • Fixed: Up and Down buttons in Save Results
  • Fixed: "Add Folder" button in database options allows now to specify computers
  • Fixed: error related to PCRE and UTF8 when searching folder names
  • Fixed: date format errors
  • Maybe some other fixes and changes

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