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Version history for NoMachine

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Changes for v4.2.27_1 - v4.3.23_5

  • FR11K02793 – Adding the ‘Grab the mouse input’ option to the NoMachine menu panel inside the session
  • FR06I02466 – Supporting Unity 3D and Gnome 3 in NoMachine virtual desktop sessions
  • FR08L02819 – Making it possible to configure connection name per server
  • FR09L02831 – Using libssh2 for SSH connections from all NoMachine clients
  • FR05L02816 – Supporting two factor authentication
  • This version also fixes some issues affecting the previous 4.2 desktop client and server releases. Packages for mobile platforms iOS and Android will be updated successively. Among the issues solved in 4.3 there are:
  • TR08L04502 – Hot’ corners in KDE window manager don’t work
  • TR08L04512 – Eclipse functionality “Open Declaration”
  • TR07L04494 – nxserver –kill does not terminate a session running on a remote node
  • TR06L04455 – Command option –group to remove user from specific group doesn’t work
  • TR12K04147 – Cannot emulate middle button press with right and left mouse buttons
  • TR07L04490 – When multiple sessions are initiated from the same client only one gets input events
  • TR07L04478 – Some keys of Japanese keyboards don’t work
  • TR09L04521 – The server fails to start when server.lic contains commented extra lines
  • TR09L04525 – Cannot start RDP sessions after upgrading an Advanced Server 3.5.0 to Enterprise Server 4
  • TR09L04529 – Node product type is wrongly matched after upgrading the Advanced Server Node 3.5.0 with a Terminal Server Node for update
  • TR09L04524 – Cannot start RDP sessions after upgrading an Advanced Server Node 3.5.0 to Terminal Server Node 4
  • TR01L04241 – The server asks to login on cluster node to add the SSH key when deleting the node from the cluster
  • TR01L04216 – Users can run custom sessions even if the server is configured to not provide them
  • TR05L04441 – Excluding a specific user from a per-system profile rule is not possible
  • TR05L04442 – Rules for bandwidth limitations are not set in profiles
  • TR09L04536 – NoMachine logs on Linux are filled up with errors about Pulse Audio Server
  • TR09L04538 – Cannot create a new session or reconnect an existing one when tens of sessions are running on the same server host
  • TR06L04453 – Application menus in nedit show empty areas
  • TR08L04504 – Nxnode process terminates suddenly when freeing resources
  • TR09L04543 – The session is suddenly terminated when logging-in to a physical Lubuntu desktop via web
  • TR09L04556 – Web sessions cannot be started when the web player service port is already in use
  • TR09L04557 – The web session terminates at the initial stage when the browser has the User Agent disabled
  • TR09L04558 – The web session suddenly terminates when downloading a file from server on RHEL 6
  • TR09L04555 – Interrupting the starting of a virtual desktop session causes a sudden termination of the nxserver process
  • TR05L04408 – White border is displayed when maximizing a custom application session on Windows
  • TR09L04519 – LSF commands run in a virtual desktop fail because of wrong XAUTHORITY file
  • TR09L04520 – Copy/paste from gvim to Windows clients does not work consistently
  • TR09L04531 – NoMachine window gets stuck in a dual screen setup

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