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Version history for PDF-XChange Editor (Portable)

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Changes for v2.5.315.0 - v2.5.316.0

  • Resolved vulnerability reported by Sébastien Morin.

Changes for v2.5.313.1 - v2.5.314.0

  • Resolved issue with setting colors for annotations and fields.
  • Newly added featureActiveX Added 'Doc.Signed' property.
  • Critical error or bug fixFonts Engine Fixed crash on some corrupted fonts.
  • Newly added featurePDF Engine Added export annotations' actions to XFDF files.

Changes for v2.5.312.1 - v2.5.313.0

  • Resolved issue with setting colors for annotations and fields.
  • Newly added featureActiveX Added 'Doc.Signed' property.
  • Critical error or bug fixFonts Engine Fixed crash on some corrupted fonts.
  • Newly added featurePDF Engine Added export annotations' actions to XFDF files.

Changes for v5.5.312 - v2.5.312.1

  • Resolved critical issue with Shell Extension component.

Changes for v2.5.311.0 - v5.5.312

  • Implemented js function field.buttonImportIcon

Changes for v2.5.309.0 - v2.5.311.0

  • Further improvements for handling fonts with 'stange' metrics.
  • Fixed the perimeter value shown for the area tool when creating a new area measurement.
  • A reported error or bug was fixedPDF Engine
  • Fixed calculation area for an area measurement with self intersections.
  • A reported error or bug was fixedActiveX
  • Added new props General.ClientVer and General.ServerVer for JS-devs
  • A reported error or bug was fixedActiveX
  • Fixed an issue with selecting text

Changes for v2.5.308.1 - v2.5.308.2

  • Improved UI for adding new serial keys.

Changes for v2.5.214.1 - v2.5.214.2

  • Resolved some issues with radio button and check boxes on some PDF forms. (T# 1724)
  • A reported error or bug was fixedActiveX Fixed issue with MDI-buttons. Added some new MDI-features. (T# 2158) (18937)
  • Newly added featureActiveX Added new notify 'Prompts.ConfirmOpenRDoc' (look for 'FileName', 'UserChoice' props). (T# 2017)
  • A reported error or bug was fixedUser Interface Fixed issue with documents activation on terminal client. (T# 2110) (19540)
  • A reported error or bug was fixedUser Interface Fixed issue with overwriting an existing TIFF-files at exporting from pdf to images. (T# 2018) (18847)

Changes for v2.5.214 - v2.5.214.1

  • Fixed rare crash of the Viewer on some JPEG streams. (T# 1924)
  • A reported error or bug was fixedUser Interface Changed touch/stylus handling in pencil tool. (T# 1911)
  • Feature that is currently under construction and will be released in the futureUser Interface Fixed typos in the Viewer UI.

Changes for v2.5.209 - v2.5.210

  • Fixed issue with possible crash on some XFA files.
  • Fixed issue when changing exclusive mode for tools via ActiveX.

Changes for v2.5.206 - v2.5.207

  • Fixed an issue with submitting FDF as XFDF.
  • Fixed an issue with printing on custom paper sizes.
  • Resolved issue with annot.quads property
  • Support of XFA images located

Changes for v2.5.201 - v2.5.205

  • version release - 17-07-2012
  • Language files updated and other minor fixes.
  • version release - 18-06-2012
  • Fixed issue with generating invalid digital signature.
  • version release - 15-06-2012
  • Fixed handling of printerName property of PrintParams class.
  • Support of callout property for annotation object. (T#1511)
  • Resolved issue with handling button form's fields with a non-stanand appearance. (T#1514)
  • Fixed some issues with time stamping. (T#1497)
  • Fixed issue with sequential scanning. (13254)
  • Fixed issues with importing non-standard stamps from FDF files. (T#1469, T#1418, T#1466)
  • Fixed issues with importing non-standard stamps from XFDF files. (13018)
  • Resolved an issue with placing rotated stamps. (T#1477)
  • Resolved issue with printing rotated content on PCL printers. (T#1471)
  • Resolved issue with bitonal J2K images. (T#1450)
  • Fixed lock up issue on Save with dynamic XFA forms. (12823)
  • Resolved issue with very slow getNthFieldName function in some cases. (9491)
  • Resolved an issue with text-alignment in AcroForm-comboboxes. (T#1427) (13011)
  • Resolved an issue with selecting the combo-items by keyboard. (T#1434)
  • Resolved an issue when running some JS-scripts. (T#1425) (12624)
  • Fixed issue with freezing of control after some [Alt]-key presses. (T#1298) (11856)
  • Fixed issue with handling of 'file://'-url in 'OpenURI' pdf-action. (T#1438)
  • Fixed issue with handling of 'document.ReadOnly' property for form-fields. (T#1449) (12904)
  • Fixed issue for support of TabletPC (and added hidden option to turn off support). (T#1445) (12716)
  • Resolved issue with highlighting of 'corresponding' bookmark in bookmarks-view. (T#1440)
  • Fixed issue with flashing of item in taskbar after loading an first document. (T#1429) (12633)
  • Resolved issue with ColorPicker's popup on multi-monitor configuration of desktop. (T#1487) (5200)
  • Resolved issue with text-lables in 'Zoom Level' dropdown-menu. (T#1499)
  • Implement setPageBoxes method of the document object. (12522)
  • Added support for undocumented password checking algorithm introduced in Adobe Acrobat X.
  • Added new feature - 'Remove Broken Recents at Startup' on 'Manage Recents...' dialog.
  • Added combobox on the 'Print' dialog to improving duplex-printing. (T#1516) (8042)
  • Add new 'Prepare' printing-event. (13039)
  • Enabled abilty to setting of custom shortcut for 'Online Search' tool-item. (T#1472) (13266)
  • Enabled mouse back-button support for 'In-Browser' mode. (T#1500) (13682)
  • Added new option to expand original ligatures on text copying. (12949)
  • Added new options to show/hide stamp-collections: prop. 'Commenting.HideStdStampsCollections', cmd. 'ShowStampsCollection'.
  • Added - write EOF char after end of PDF file marker to workaround Adobe's incremental update's issues. (13690)
  • Improved performance on saving document. (T#1486)
  • Improved rendering perfomance for large number of small images used CalRGB color space. (T#1460)
  • Added workaround to handle images with incorrect filters. (T#1457)
  • Changed toggle-by-shortcut behavior for 'Full Search' Pane. (T#1410) (12526)
  • Improved URL-recognition in plain text on the pages. (13806)

Changes for v2.5.198 - v2.5.201

  • Fixed issue with some combo box fields in dynamic and static XFA files.
  • Resolved issue with saving dashed borders for link annotations.
  • Resolved issues with text positioning after performing OCR when page is rotated or cropped.
  • Resolved possible issue with printing hidden form fields.
  • Fixed refresh/repainting bug with ActiveX control on the DialogForms.
  • Fixed issue with layer grouping in layers view.
  • Fixed issue with preview control in Export-to-Image dialog.
  • Fixed issue with left/right scrolling using a mouse middle-button.
  • Resolved an issue with the handling of mouse clicks on the image-fields (XFA-forms).
  • Resolved issue with updating date/time info in comments pane during editing of comments.
  • Added workaround for reading PDF files with broken /ID fields
  • Introduced OCR feature to OCR image based PDFs and add text searchable layer. FREE for all end-users!
  • Fixed embedding fonts which do not use some optional TTF tables.
  • Fixed possible crash when editing empty rich text fields in some XFA forms.
  • Fixed combobox, listbox, etc. not working when items are loaded from data.
  • Fixed character mapping for non-embedded symbolic fonts.
  • Fixed character mapping for some embedded symbolic fonts.
  • Fixed handling invalid object position in only partially valid PDF files.
  • Fixed possible crash for some pdf files where embedded CFF fonts are incomplete.
  • Resolved an issue with demo labels present when showing PDF in browser.
  • Resolved rare issue with decoding some JPEG streams.
  • Resolved issue with redudant warning message in similar cases to an issue with Attachement views. Resolved issue with possible viewer crash when a message box is shown in the document modification event handler.
  • Resolved issues with widget appearance recreation which may cause to the application to retrieve an 'invisible' widget.
  • Resolved minor issues with Attachments view.
  • Resolved issue with handling Alt+key hotkeys.
  • Resolved issues where spaces could be ignored by the text composer in some circumstances.
  • Resolved problem with reordering bookrmarks in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with date modification of a parent annotation when its popup is opened or closed. Resolved issue with missing elements of text lables for digital signature appearance. (T#1322)
  • Resolved issue with popups for annotations and their various states.
  • Resolved possible issue with text orientation in some rotated form fields.
  • Added new property "Search.AutoSelectFirstRes" to allow automatic selection of a first search result.
  • Added new notification "Notifications.BeforeOpenAttachment" - fired when an attachment is to be opened from the Attachments view. Added handling of "#xml=" parameter when opening a file by URL.
  • Added option to automatically delete a file downloaded during the "Open by URL" when it is closed.
  • Added support for textColor,textSize and textFont properties of a field object.
  • Improved text selection/extraction algorithms.

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