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Version history for Pepakura Designer

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Changes for v3.0.7 - v3.1.0a

  • A menu to export the unfolded pattern separately into multiple DXF files was added as [File]-[Export]-[Vector Format]-[Multi-Files DXF].
  • The part which is selected on the 2D Window is highlighted on the 3D Window.
  • A menu to check the overlapping parts was added as [2D Menu]-[Check Overlapping Parts].
  • Double-clicking an edge on the 3D Window before unfolding selects multiple edges on the edge-ring at a time.
  • An edit mode on which measures the distance between two points was added as [2D Menu]-[Edit Mode]-[Measure Distance between Two Points].

Changes for 3.0.3b - v3.0.7

  • A bug of STL format auto detector was fixed.
  • To open .dae exported from Google SketchUP 7.1 was partially supported. We still recommend you to use older version of Google SketchUP.
  • TGA file format was supported for textur image.
  • STL ASCII format support was added.
  • OBJ, DAE file loader were improved.
  • Collada (*.dae) format support was added. (Still not stable.)
  • Some UI terms were proofreaded.
  • New command [Set All Edges to Open] was added to [3D Model Window] menu. This command makes all faces disjoining when unfold.
  • Part alignment and part rotation commands are added with a toolbar. You can easily align parts or rotate by 90 degrees.
  • Setting of [Size of Opening] and [Viewing Angle] of 3D model window are kept when restart Pepakura Designer.
  • Some tiny bugs were fixed.

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