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Version history for PNotes.NET (Portable)

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Changes for v3.6.0.5 - v3.7.0.4

  • New features:
  • Added option to restart application automatically after background synchronization
  • New versions of plugins to support TLS 1.1 and 1.2
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Calendar on DateTimePicker does not change the first day of week accordingly to user settings (discovered by Leopoldus)
  • Notes loaded from another location do not go through the encryption process if program uses password and encryption, as a result they become unreadable next time the program starts
  • Scheduled notes lose Topmost state when are popping up (discovered by Sussi Petkova)
  • Calendars at “Adjust schedule” dialog “remember” date/time value after very first appearance
  • Previously selected font for notes group is not applied on bullets/numbering in new notes (discovered by Hilsen Jørn)
  • Error occurs while trying to import GMail contacts
  • When user edits subgroup in deep level at Control Panel, the group is removed from its parent and inserted under “All groups” level
  • Applying “Standard view” on “General” group at Control Panel converts group’s name to “General” instead of localized name even if translated language file is used

Changes for v3.5.0.2 - v3.6.0.5

  • New features:
  • Ability to perform scheduled synchronization
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Date/time boxes disappear when schedule dialog box is opening for “Multiple alerts” schedule type (discovered by Leopoldus)
  • Calendar on DateTimePicker does not change the first day of week accordingly to user settings (discovered by Leopoldus)
  • Preview pane in Control panel doesn't show note’s content if the note is not saved (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • IP address control does not work properly when last number in address is one digit number (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • Log file entry is missing after unsuccessful note’s delivering to another computer (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • Encryption is not possible for note in Control Panel if the note is hidden (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • If Preferences window is open and minimized, pressing corresponding button on Control Panel does not restore it (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • Sound is not playing while hiding note (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • No default name when saving note containing only images (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • “Save As Text File” does not save line breaks (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • SkyDrive plugin finally renamed into OneDrive
  • Program freezes when user chooses any schedule type for note, checks “Hide note until notification” and press OK (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • Lower part of Advanced settings on “Adjust schedule” dialog is not visible when display text size is set to be larger than default (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • When user hides the menu item under submenu which has the one subitem, this item is still shown as thin line (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • When following three options is checked: “Automatically adjust note’s height depending on its content”, “Roll/unroll note by double click on caption”, “Fit to caption when rolled” – note’s height doubles after each unrolling (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • Improper docking notes behavior when display text size is set to be larger than default

Changes for v3.3.0.3 - v3.4.0.2

  • New features:
  • Lower panel at Preferences dialog, which include some asterisk (*) warnings, hides scrollable parts of window – removed and since now settings with asterisk will show warning tooltip (suggested by Timor Gruber)
  • “Apply” button at Preferences dialog will change its IsEnable state dynamically, according to changes in settings (suggested by Timor Gruber)
  • Return to default settings at Preferences dialog will include (optional) default settings for groups
  • When program starts for the very first time (without previous installations) new note will appear on user’s screen with brief description of the program (suggested by Timor Gruber)
  • Special groups at Control Panel will be sorted alphabetically
  • Added filter to system voices in order to prevent using of disabled voices
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Exception is thrown when user select notes group at Preferences dialog
  • Preview for notes group is not drawn properly at Preferences dialog
  • Skins are scaled incorrectly on high-density monitors with large DPI
  • When user empties notes Panel and then move one or more notes to Panel again – notes thumbnails animation on Panel works incorrectly
  • Function “Centralize” at Control Panel works incorrectly on high-density monitors with large DPI

Changes for v3.1.0 - v3.2.0

  • New features:
  • Added optional vertical toolbar to preview text box at Control Panel (suggested by Santhosh Kumar)
  • Option to save a desktop shortcut to note and show note by double clicking on it (suggested by Santhosh Kumar)
  • Option to start the program by note’s desktop shortcut if program is not currently running
  • Options to delete desktop shortcuts on program exit and restore them on program start
  • Option to close note after desktop shortcut creation
  • Option to set delay of automatic notes panel appearance (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
  • Process of downloading spelling dictionaries is automated
  • Search in notes settings will be saved automatically (suggested by Tim Naylor)
  • Option to delete separate note(s) from Recycle Bin instead of emptying it totally (suggested by JP Dag)
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Font family combo box is not displayed at the right place (discovered by cipherkey)
  • Horizontal scroll bar is not shown on note when “Show scrollbars” is selected (discovered by Santhosh Kumar)
  • Fonts scaling on High DPI monitors (discovered by Timor Gruber)
  • Skins are shown corrupted when “Automatically adjust note’s height” is checked
  • Synchronization fails if note’s name contains quotation mark (discovered by Charlie Smith)

Changes for v3.0.1 - v3.1.0

  • New features:
  • Checking whether contacts are logged on (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
  • Option to set default font size for group (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
  • Added “Now” button to DateTimePicker control (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
  • Option to view all previously defined hot keys - at hot keys dialog (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
  • Option to switch off animation at notes Panel (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
  • Option for received note to be always on top (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
  • About button to Control Panel (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
  • Option to import contacts for SMTP mail from IBM Notes
  • Added sample text to skin preview
  • New -config -confignonetwork command line parameter for themes directory
  • Option for updating/downloading new themes
  • New PNotesNETShortcutManager
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Note with transparency remains opaque when focus moves to window which does not belong to PNotes (discovered by Kakha Khmelidze)
  • Menus text color is not shown properly on Windows 7 with classic color scheme
  • Hot key does not work for “Unroll Note” (discovered by Scott Sell)
  • Control Panel is not shown when "Show 'Incoming' group after click on notification message" is checked
  • When program starts from shortcut the log file is created in shortcut directory instead of program directory
  • Settings for single click on system tray icon don’t work properly
  • Line breaks are included in new note’s name while saving (discovered by Sergey Hristov)

Changes for v2.0.2 - v3.0.1

  • New features:
  • Program was rewritten using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) technology instead of WinForms. That means more visual effects, more customization, more possibilities.
  • Added option to organize notes in Mac-like docked panel (Preferences->Behavior->Show notes panel)
  • Added -l command line switch for loading note(s)
  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved and fixed synchronization (local and via cloud plugins)
  • Fixed many small (and not) bugs - thanks to everyone discovered them and especially to Sergey Hristov

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