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Version history for KiTTY (PortableApps)

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Changes for v0.73.1.1 - v0.73.2.1

  • new feature: add a new command line parameter -codepage to select a new remote character set (for use in combination with -localproxy option)
  • new feature: preparing for 2020
  • new feature: preparing Makefile for 64 bits compilation
  • bug fix: use SetClassLongPtr instead of SetClassLong for 64 bits compilation
  • bug fix: Wincrypt patch is broken from 0.71: replaced by
  • bug fix: Patch MOD_CYGTERM removed (replaced by cygtermd)

Changes for v0.73.0.1 - v0.73.1.1

  • new feature: force CRLF on Enter key (see
  • bug fix: automatic generation of version.h file
  • bug fix: save position on exit did not allow negative values (dual monitors)
  • cleaning: ACS patch completely removed

Changes for v0.72.0.3 - v0.73.0.1

  • new feature: 0.73 PuTTY merge
  • bugfix: print clipboard menu was disabled on 64bits system (I don't remember why)

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