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Version history for QuickTextPaste (Portable)

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Changes for v5.41 - v5.44

  • Small fixes and retests for Windows 10 Build 2004 version 001b
  • New languages for quick text insertion: Spanish

Changes for v5.22 - v5.25

  • mprovements: If you want direct execute: One command per Hotkey
  • Small corrections and Updates the language file in QTP

Changes for v5.06 - v5.11

  • Stabilization and improvements in QTP under Windows 10 when used on MS Surface
  • Bug: Code Signing Certificate from Comodo and update the language files Quick Text Paste
  • QuickTextPaste is currently without this Comodo certificate because it only causes problems

Changes for v5.03 - v5.06

  • Bug-Fix: Updating the keyboard shortcuts (commands) in the list view when you change the language
  • Updates the language file in QTP
  • New in version 5.05 // 3 May 2019
  • Important updates of the language files in Quick Text Paste
  • Small corrections in Quick Text Paste as well as improvements

Changes for v5.01 - v5.03

  • Error fixes in Quick Text Paste on Windows XP x32 and Windows XP x64
  • Update of the language files and further fine-tuning

Changes for v4.59 - v5.01

  • New: Splitter, Dual-View, Menu Order, Editable-Subitems
  • New: Icons in the overview and Menus, Drag & Drop support, 3-Level Submenus
  • New: The last window position and size is saved
  • Stabilization of QTP under Windows 10
  • Update of lang files and new language: Arabic

Changes for v4.44 - v4.59

  • Small bug fixes in QTP
  • Some minor adjustments in Quick-Text-Paste
  • Update of the language files.

Changes for v4.41 - v4.44

  • Under Windows 10, Quick-Text-Paste must be started in Admin-Mode to send the commands to administrative programs!
  • See: ... Problem: keyboard shortcuts commands in Windows 10 to insert text!
  • Some minor adjustments in Quick Text Paste Plus Update of the language files.

Changes for v4.36 - v4.41

  • Update of the QuickTextPaste language files plus minor changes for MS Windows 10 OS

Changes for v4.24 - v4.36

  • Optimization for x64 OS especially for Windows 10 / Server 2016
  • User wish: to use Alt+Space, and the space key is now in the hot-key list.
  • Updating of the language files.
  • New in version 4.33 // 19 July 2018
  • Bug fix: On some Windows 10 Pro systems qtp.exe program crashes
  • Some minor adjustments in quick-text-paste plus update of language files.
  • Currently, the x32 is even more stable under x64!
  • New in version 4.31 // 2 July 2018
  • New: run, runx, runa, runX, runA Keyboard shortcuts to start multiple programs commands!
  • Again bug fix: In Import the text and Windows command from the old INI file!

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