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Version history for Rainlendar Lite (64-bit)

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Changes for v2.15.2 - v2.15.3

  • o Skin settings dialog crashed on Linux.
  • o Moving event to a future day hid it from the calendar.
  • o Dates were not always saved to Toodledo tasks.
  • o "Select All" did not enable the buttons in manager.
  • o Reverted: "Outlook birthdays were sometimes shown in incorrect day" as it was not working correctly.
  • o Bulk change dialog did not make any changes to the events/tasks if their creation date was set to a future date.
  • o By default Rainlendar now tries to import the file given as command line argument

Changes for v2.15.1 - v2.15.2

  • o Office365 calendar crashed if the event contained unsupported unicode characters.
  • o Authentication code could be overwritten by some other calendar when options dialog was closed.
  • o Authenticaion failed if multiple calendars tried to get the access token at the same time.
  • o Disabled the OK button while the event/task is saved and improved the responsivity while saving the event/task.

Changes for v2.15 - v2.15.1

  • o Fixed a crash when removing exception dates from a recurring event.
  • o Deleting event or task from the alarm window will set the exception to the shown event instead current day.
  • o OAuth2 client id and secret can be overwritten from the settings file.
  • o Updated the Google API project key. Google Calendar and Tasks need to be re-authenticated.

Changes for v2.13.1 - v2.14 Build 155

  • o Fixed windows menu when using app indicator.
  • o iCal recurring events are shown as read only single instances.
  • o New editor window is not opened anymore if the user edits the same event twice.
  • [2.14 Build 154] - 12 Jan 2018
  • o Polling online calendars got broken in the previous build.
  • o Added advanced option to never show the full menu from the calendar (it is still shown from the tray icon).
  • o Backslash character did not work in Toodledo tasks.
  • o Added support for busy and private fields in Office365.
  • o The body text in Office365 events was always read as html so it was not editable in Rainlendar.
  • o Attendees are not removed from Google Calendar events if it is edited from Rainlendar.
  • o Quickadd now takes into account the calendar filters for the window where the quick add edit control is.
  • o Office365 calendar downloaded only 10 events. There is a setting for the download count now for the calendar.
  • [2.14 Build 153] - 22 Dec 2017
  • o Fixed the dock icon in High Sierra
  • o Linux version could not establish https connections.
  • o Cmd-C closed the event editor on Mac.
  • o Weekly recurring event with different time zone was not shown correctly in the calendar.
  • o Moved font scale setting to the general page on options.
  • o Network error messages are not shown anymore while polling for changes.
  • [2.14 Build 152] - 29 Aug 2017
  • o Relative snooze values did not work in the alarm.
  • o The startup executable path is not changed unless the file doesn't exist anymore.
  • o Boolean variables for windows are shown in the context menu.
  • o Improvements for high DPI screens.
  • o Calendars are reloaded only if modified when the options are applied
  • o The task position is storead as meta tag for Toodledo
  • o Calendar selection is cleared for read only events and tasks
  • o Removed dependency to libpng12
  • [2.14 Build 151] - 31 Mar 2017
  • o Todo date controls were set to year 2001 on Mac.
  • o Dock icon did not show the correct date on Mac.
  • o Skin did not use correct language if Traditional Chinese was selected.
  • o The alarm window has a max height and can be resized horizontally.
  • o Normal tooltips are disabled in Windows 7.
  • o Modifying event on's CalDAV calendar gave 500 error.
  • o Snooze menu shows the target time
  • [2.14 Build 150] - 02 Oct 2016
  • o Timezones are matched by the tzid instead the location.
  • o Alarm would sometimes show incorrect target if the event had multiple alarms.
  • o Rainlendar could sometimes crash when it refreshed the events and tasks after the computer resumed from sleep.
  • o Alarm was not shown for the last occurence of a recurring event.
  • o Fixed the crash problem in macOS Sierra.
  • [2.14 Build 149] - 12 Jul 2016
  • o Added VC 2015 runtime to the installer.
  • o Fixed offset problems with context menu and generic list item.
  • o Custom categories did not work when the Shadow4 was in large mode.
  • o Events with active alarms remain in the event list.
  • o Alarm can be dismissed from the event list.
  • o Added option to show Rainlendar in the Windows taskbar
  • o Google Calendar supports now custom audio files
  • o Added snooze menu and large versions for Savannah and Chromophore
  • [2.14 Build 148] - 14 May 2016
  • o Alarms were not sometimes immediately removed from the alarm window after the due date was changed.
  • o Timezone in the calendar file was not converted correctly to the target zone so Rainlendar sometimes showed incorrect times for events.
  • o Buttons remained in the options dialog if the tab was changed from the calendars when something was selected in the list.
  • o Added "Click through" to the window settings dialog
  • o Edit control was shown for hidden windows if shown from a lua script.
  • o Dialogs are set to topmost too if the calendar window position is topmost.
  • o events are read for the next 4 months (which is the server's limit).
  • o Added option to fade all windows at once with mouse over.
  • o Some foreign characters were not read correctly from the iCalendar files.
  • o Refreshing windows that are "On bottom" should not open them on top anymore.
  • o Mac iCal events were sometimes shown incorrectly as daily instead yearly.
  • o On right edge the tooltip was opened downwards even though there were more room at the top of the screen.

Changes for v2.12.1 Build 137 - v2.12.2 Build 138

  • Updated the libical library which should fix the crash problem with Google Calendar.

Changes for v2.12 - v2.12.1 Build 137

  • The last character was trimmed in some texts in local ics files breaking the text encoding.
  • Linux version crashed on Google's authentication.
  • The time zone for Google events was not adjusted correctly.
  • The events were marked as past a day early if multiday event grouping was set to none.
  • Disabled autocompleting combobox for the categories in Linux since the control doesn't support setting the selection.
  • Manager shows the number of items currently visible/selected in the list.
  • Added possibility to limit the downloaded events by time in the Google calendar v3

Changes for v2.11.1 - v2.12

  • "No sound" option was reset to default alarm after refresh.
  • o The end/due time was always read from the start time field.
  • o Added possibility to define if the CalDAV server supports events, tasks or both.
  • o Reading dates from RTM did not do timezone conversion correctly.
  • o When smartly hidden the today window gets hidden if it doesn't show tasks and only the event list is empty.
  • o The offline copy was not read immediately after startup.
  • o Color mapping in Google Calendar did not work correctly when offline copy was enabled.
  • o Reordering Google subtasks did not work.
  • o Resetting the dismiss time for tasks was not actually removing the information from the ics file.
  • o When multiple alarms are triggered at the same time the executable for each of them gets ran.

Changes for v2.11 - v2.11.1

  • Fixed a crash bug if another instance of Rainlendar was started.
  • "Number of past days the list shows" was not working.
  • Reversing the sorting from the event list's context menu could not be done.
  • The font effects did not work for custom categories.
  • The tool buttons in the manager adjust tthe text width.
  • It was not possible tremove calendar selection on Mac if "Allow multiple calendars" was enabled.
  • Exporting the events in the manager only worked if the list had selection. Now all events are exported if there is nselection.
  • The autocompletion works again in the category combobox.
  • The traytip does not gain focus anymore when it is shown.
  • Double click on the week or day view always created an all day event.
  • The reminders were not read correctly from iCloud with CalDAV.
  • The status image was not shown in the tray icon on Windows and Mac.
  • Executing lua from command line failed on Linux and Mac.
  • Creating a exception ta event in week view by dragging deleted the original event from Google calendar.
  • Writing events with nduration tiCloud failed.
  • Completing an alarm for non-recurring task in the alarm window did not dismiss it.
  • Removed hard dependency tthe gnome-keyring library on Linux.
  • Backup opened incorrect file dialog in Linux.
  • The value for "Poll for changes"-setting in Toodledwas not read correctly.

Changes for v2.10 BETA build 112 - v2.10 BETA build 117

  • Changes:
  • o On Mac it was possible to close the manager dialog while the file dialog was open which caused a crash.
  • o The change fields dialog crashed if the type of the item was not changed.
  • o The maxheight attribute didn't work correctly with recurring events.
  • o Change the way "Double click action" works. It's now possible to disable the double clicking completely or show the menu always.
  • o Added event handler for double click on a calendar day.
  • o When creating new calendar the user credentials are automatically used from the previously created Google calendar or Toodledo task list.
  • o All day events in schedule and month views need to be dragged to another day before the times are changed. This is to prevent accidental moving of multiday events.
  • o Windows which are linked to upward growing windows are placed top of them when the window positions are rearranged.
  • o Added a search widget to the Shadow4 widget addon.
  • o If there is only a single valid calendar it is selected automatically when creating a new event or task.

Changes for v2.9 - v2.10 BETA build 112

  • Changes:
  • o Changed the way *.wav files are played on Windows since the old way caused crashes with some 3rd party codec packs.
  • o Added support for Google alarm methods and removed the "Google Calendar alarms" setting.
  • o Increased the size of the calendar controls in the export dialog.
  • o The recurrence days for weekly recurring events which defined the start date in local time could be set incorrectly.
  • o Selecting a skin in the simple mode always added the alarm and tooltip windows even if the skin didn't support them.
  • o Cancelling the date range dialog still opened the export file dialog when exporting events and tasks as comma separated values.
  • o The calendar is selected automatically in the options if there is just one.
  • o The SetVariable() will now store the new value to the settings file.
  • o Exceptions for Google calendar events should work better now.
  • o Cancelling or completing a recurring task disabled the next alarm instead just the current alarm.
  • o Initial support for Toodledo.

Changes for v2.8 - v2.8.1

  • The time offset for the initial calendar wasn't initialized so if could contain a random value.
  • Creating events with the quick add near the end of the month sometimes caused invalid dates.
  • Deleting events from Lua script could cause a crash.
  • Transferring the backup files between different computers works better now.
  • Possibility to add custom audio as an alarm is now disabled for calendars which don't support it.
  • For performance reasons the alarm window will disable automatic updating if it containse more than 10 visible alarms.
  • Time offset now adjusts the weekday correctly for the weekly recurring events and tasks.

Changes for v2.7 Build 91 - v2.8

  • The to do list now takes the start/due time into account also when sorting the list.
  • Window variables with predefined list didn't work when localized texts were used. Fixed.
  • Week number in the week view wasn't adjusted by the "Week number delta" setting. Fixed.
  • Copy group adds postfix ".x.y" to the "id" for the copied items.
  • Old languages are removed from the config folder on startup if there is a newer one in the program folder.
  • CSV export wrote the first instance of a recurring event twice to the file. Fixed.
  • The operating system's default language is used automatically instead English on new installations.

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