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Version history for Sizer (Without installer)

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Changes for v3.34 - v4.0 Preview

  • Better compatibility. Sizer has been completely rewritten to improve compatibility with modern applications including Windows 10 Apps. Sizer 4.0 is less intrusive than previous versions and therefore is more stable. Unfortunately this increased stability comes at a small price, some infrequently used features have been removed as a result. See the more details page for further info.
  • Hot keys. Sizer actions, including bringing up the main resizing menu, can be assigned to a hot key that can be used at any time. e.g. by default pressing Ctrl+Win+Z brings up the Sizer context menu. This saves you hunting out the window border to right click it.
  • Macros and expressions. Specify sizes and positions as formula. e.g. 0.7 * w:mon results in a value that is 70% of the width of the current monitor. With macros you can position several windows at the same time allowing you to layout multiple applications the way you want them. Further documentation will follow but in the meantime you can consult the railroad diagrams for details of the syntax.
  • Menu groups. Simplify and tidy up the Sizer menu by creating cascading menus with groups.
  • Portable. Run Sizer from a USB pen drive or keep your configurations in one place.
  • Configuration file management. Export and import settings via the user interface.

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