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Version history for SmallDVD for Mac OS X (PPC)

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Changes for v2.0 beta 3 - v2.0

  • fixed the occasional Applescript errors
  • changed the default background image to something a bit blacker

Changes for v1.0 - v2.0 beta 3

  • added control over the conversion bitrate for non-MPEG2 input files
  • overhauled user interface, which merges the video file selection and template editor windows
  • Known problems:
  • Currently, only three conversion rates are available, “Good”, “Better” and “Best”. In the future I will add more, and allow custom settings. “Good” and “Better” fit about 130 minutes onto a 4.3Gb DVD, “Best” fits about 95 minutes. “Good” is does a single pass conversion, “Better” and “Best” do two-pass conversion which is slower, but higher quality.
  • When selecting “New” or “Load” from the file menu, there’s an error displayed. You can just ignore this, it doesn’t do any harm.

Changes for v2.01 - v2.0 Beta 2

  • The main new feature in this release is the ability to set custom video and audio conversion bitrates. There are also one or two minor bug fixes.

Changes for v1.0 - v2.01

  • Control over the conversion bitrate for non-MPEG2 input files
  • Overhauled user interface, which merges the video file selection and template editor windows

Changes for v0.8 (PPC) - v1.0

  • doubled the size of the preview window
  • fixed the “can’t get word 2″ error when trying to add invalid video files

Changes for v0.5 - v0.6

  • Fixed problem where menus buttons were positioned wrongly when using a 16:9 menu on a DVD player configured 4:3 mode.
  • Upgraded to dvdauthor 0.6.12alpha (to enable the button positioning fix

Changes for v0.7 - v0.8 (Intel)

  • changed the remultiplexing utility to use ffmpeg. This also enables the input video to be converted to an appropriate format if necessary. See file formats for more details.
  • changed the batch processor to use Growl notifications to deliver status messages. If Growl is installed, it will display a notification for the start and finish of each DVD being created. If you haven't got Growl installed, you won't see any messages.
  • major code restructure, which you can't see, but was definitely necessary!

Changes for v0.6 - v0.7 (intel)

  • adds support for NTSC menus (previously they were all forced to be PAL)
  • adds ability to load and save DVD definitions (via the file menu)
  • adds ability to save default template settings (via the file menu)
  • includes simple batch processor for creating multiple DVD images in one go ("Using the batch processor" for more details)
  • fix for bug which caused wrong fonts to be used in menus

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