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Version history for Synfig Studio (64-bit)

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Changes for v1.2.2 - v1.3.11 Beta

  • The new development release of Synfig Studio is here! This build provides a preview of our work towards the next stable version (1.4.0), at its current state. Please consider that many features are still work-in-progress and can behave not as expected. We strongly discourage you from using this version in production. Any bugs found please report to our issue tracker.
  • List of changes:
  • Render engine improvements
  • Implemented downsampling for image layers. This greatly improves quality if your scene uses big images scaled to smaller size. Unfortunately, this operation demands additional CPU resources and you will notice general application slowdown when working with such scenes. We are working on solution to provide mechanism to avoid the slowdown.Below you can see a sample scene with large images rendered in old and new versions of Synfig.
  • Rendering result in Synfig 1.3.11
  • Major optimization of parsing scenes with many layers (issue #314).
  • Optimizations for Outline Layer, Region Layer, Checkerboard Layer, SuperSample Layer.
  • Improvements for workarea playback
  • Playback cache. Synfig now remembers already rendered frames, which is greatly improves experience of playback and timeline scrubbing.
  • Background rendering. Synfig now does background rendering of all frames in current animation and the result of rendering is saved into cache. This allows to achieve very smooth playback and timeline scrub. This feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it with a relevant button on toolbar if you wish to keep your CPU free.
  • Hovering on timetrack now displays frame preview.
  • Frame thumbnail displayed when cursor hovers timeline
  • Custom playback range and looped playback. Now you can select playback range on the timeline and make playback looped.
  • Workarea handles now hidden during playback.
  • Playback is stopped when user clicks on timeline (issue #415).
  • Other features and improvements
  • Basic functionality for importing video files. At the current state the system is still too slow to work with large AVI and MP4 videos, but it is already possible to play with animated GIFs (yes, it can import GIF as well).
  • Now it is possible to set default background for newly created documents (issue #636). The background can be a solid color or image. You can configure this via “Edit” -> “Preferences” -> “Document”.
  • Rendering status is now indicated with a progress bar at Info Panel (issues #383, #626).
  • A sound notification is played when rendering is done (issue #648).
  • Fixes and changes for onion-skin functionality. Onion-skin functionality was mainly broken since version 1.2.0 – it wasn’t able to display more than on onion-skin layer. Now this ability is restored. At the same time, we have changed functionality of onion-skin: in all previous versions it was linked to keyframes only, now it is set relatively to ordinary frames. We plan to continue improving onion-skin features as part of issue #600.
  • Now it is possible to configure color of transparent areas in Preview Window (issue #636).
  • Default render settings: now we use avi format with popular mpeg4 codec by default (issue #464).
  • Do not waste space for dropdowns in combo boxes (issue #650).
  • When new Text Layer is created, its name is set the same as text content (issue #407).
  • Vertex handles now placed above tangent handles (issue #645).
  • Color dialog now opens with HSV tab active (issue #672).
  • Portable version of Synfig (zip) now writes settings to its own configuration directory (issue #716)
  • Fixes
  • Fixed “No disc in drive” error (issues #489, #724).
  • Autosave now enabled by default (issue #657).
  • Removed “Cancelled by user” dialog that happens when the user tries to move an animated object (issue #693).
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of Draft rendering mode in some circumstances (issue 582).
  • Timebar is not hidden anymore for cases when scene is only 1 frame short.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect GUI font on some Windows systems (issue #667).
  • Fixed issues with incorrect window placement on Windows (issue #523).
  • Fixed issue which was preventing to change parameters at some circumstances (issues #659, #526, #520).
  • Fixed crash when exported value is set from parameters panel in animation mode (issue #588).
  • Fixed crash when user cancels parameter changing (issue #671).
  • Disabled scientific notation when displaying numbers (issue #635).

Changes for v1.2.0 - v1.2.1

  • Rendering engine:
  • Fixed rendering of text with international characters on Windows (issue #379). Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Fixed algorithm of Fast Gaussian Blur, eliminating the random artifacts. Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of Twirl Layer and Noise Distortion Layer (issues #305 and #316). Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Improved performance for complex scenes with more than 1000 vector elements (issue #314). Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Fixed Z-Depth issue for ungroupped layers (issue #299). Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Initial value of quality of Preview now independent from current zoom level and set to 1.0 by default. Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Fixed support for graphic tablets in Windows version (issue #241). Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Fixed crash with XP-Pen G540 tablet (issue #351).
  • Fixed crash of Skeleton plugin (issue #334). Thanks to Caryoscelus.
  • Filenames with international characters now correctly remembered in “Recent Files” menu. Thanks to Ivan Mahonin.
  • Fixed size of dock area drop buttons for Gtk >= 3.20 (issue #227). Thanks to Caryoscelus.
  • Fixed “FFmpeg not found” error in Linux AppImages (issue #332).
  • JACK support is now available for Linux AppImages (issue #395).
  • Basic support for CMake build system. Thanks to Caryoscelus.

Changes for v0.64.2 - v1.0 RC 1

  • Totally reworked interface with Single-Window mode and powered by modern Gtk3 library.
  • New SFG file format with the possibility to embed all linked media.
  • Improved Groups with the support for all basic transformations and special controls for layer visibility range.
  • Full-featured bone system with the tools for cut-out animation, automatic shape deformation and image distortions.
  • Reworked vector infrastructure with the better control for tangents (split angle/split radius).
  • Basic sound support, featuring the Sound Layer and JACK integration.
  • Bitmap image painting engine with the support for MyPaint brushes.
  • Preliminary support for bitmap frame-by-frame animation (via Switch Layer).
  • Dynamics converter for automatic friction effects.
  • Ability to modify animated parameters when Animation Mode is off.

Changes for v0.64.1 - v0.64.2

  • Better crossplatfrom compatibility
  • This version have a special focus on crossplatform compatibility by delivering following fixes and improvements:
  • •Synfig Studio now runs natively on OSX. That means the installation of X11/XQuartz is not required anymore.
  • •Fixed issue, which was preventing file saving for some users of Windows version (bug #572).
  • •Fixed FFMPEG video export for Ubuntu (bug #118).
  • Aligned timeline
  • A fix that deserves a special mention. For a long time the rows in Params Panel and TimeTrack Panel were suffered from misalignment, which result in a lot of distraction for our users. With this version the issue is fixed.
  • Lossless encoding profile Lossless encoding profile
  • Improvements for video encoding
  • Synfig Studio now have an option for lossless video encoding. The special FFMPEG encoding profile utilizes features of H.264 codec and provides a good compression without quality loss.
  • This version also introduces a new "Extract Alpha" option, which allows to keep transparency when exporting to video file. This is useful for mixing 2D animation with 3D compositions.

Changes for v0.64.2 RC 1 - v0.64.2 RC 2

  • Fix video rendering for Ubuntu (bug #118).
  • "Extract Alpha" rendering mode.
  • New profile for Lossless H.264 encoding.
  • Align rows of Params Panel and Timetrack Panel (bug #161).
  • Fix file saving in Windows (bug #572).
  • Show rendering time in status bar (benchmark).
  • Fix compatibility issues for OSX 10.9.
  • Native build for OSX (no X11 required anymore).

Changes for v0.64.1 - v0.64.2 RC 1

  • Fix video rendering for Ubuntu (bug #118).
  • "Extract Alpha" rendering mode.
  • New profile for Lossles H.264 encoding.
  • Align rows of Params Panel and Timetrack Panel (bug #161).
  • Fix file saving in Windows (bug #572).
  • Show rendering time in status bar (benchmark).
  • Fix compatibility issues for OSX 10.9.
  • Native build for OSX (no X11 required anymore).

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