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Version history for TagSpaces (32-bit Mac OSX)

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Changes for v2.1.0 - v2.1.1

  • Fixing issue with renaming folder in the WebDAV edition
  • Fixing missing icons
  • Fixing loading extension in Firefox

Changes for v1.12.0 - v2.0.1

  • redesign of the user interface using material paradigms
  • using flexbox for performance optimization of the user interface
  • show file names in delete confirmation message
  • adding noty as a notification framework for the project, showing messages for failed operations
  • confirming the rename file, create tag, create tag group, edit tag group, create and rename directory dialogs with enter key
  • support opening of files in fullscreen
  • adding fx-extra node module. solving the issue with moving files over different partitions in the Windows, Linux and Mac apps
  • cleaning search results count on location close
  • adding initial getting started tour with the hopscotch library
  • making the tag group title also collapse and persist the tag groups
  • adding a default viewer for the EPUB files
  • single click opens files in grid perspective
  • save collapsed state of tag groups
  • rearranging file opener button toolbar, exchanging icons
  • added default startup location functionality
  • redesigning the viewerHTML and viewerMD extensions
  • fixing issue with opening files from command line
  • fixing issue with start in portable mode
  • added key binding ctrl+f for the search functionality
  • added key binding ctrl+a for selecting all files
  • adding badges for order of steps in the web clippers
  • adding confirm dialog for deleting perspective and file types in the settings
  • disabling directory watcher in native apps, due to performance issue
  • added Korean and Indonesian
  • integrating of the rendering engine crosswalk(chromium) for supporting older android devices with SDK 4.1
  • exchanging the pdf.js lib with a newer version
  • enabling back button on android

Changes for v1.10.3 - v1.11.0

  • adding korean, greek, catalan, czech, swedish, turkish and dutch translations
  • add a new system tag group collecting all new applied tags
  • added delete selected files functionality to the list and grid perspectives
  • adding generating thumbs for pdf, bmp, webp and svg files in grid perspective
  • added import tag groups functionality
  • internationalizing the UI of the chrome extension
  • reimplementing loading animation
  • adding confirmation on the app closing by unsaved changes on the currently opened file
  • fixing drag and drop issue of tags from files to tag groups
  • exchanging pdf.js with a newer version, moving it as core lib
  • improving code quality by adding jshint and jscs to the project
  • clearing search results on directory change
  • adding handler for the add file button
  • adding title editing to the web scrapping function
  • correcting binding of fastclick lib
  • disabling the support of AVI files in the default settings

Changes for v1.9.0 - v1.10.3

  • Supporting adding of files on Android and the WebDAV edition
  • Fixing issue in the search
  • Fixing adding existing files in the native version #187
  • Fixing broken following of symlinks
  • Fixing doubling the main menu #193
  • Fixing not loading of external json with tag groups on windows
  • Enabling strikeout of text in HTML editor on Android
  • Persisting sort order in list perspective #165
  • Enable setting of the language throught url parameter
  • Updating translations
  • Version 1.10.1
  • Released on 2015.01.15
  • Bugfixes in the search and for Mac OSX
  • Version 1.10.0
  • Released on 2015.01.10
  • redesigning the search functionality
  • typing esc in the search box will close the search area
  • considering the parent directory name in the search results
  • showing search area by filtering for tags
  • adding new extension(viewerMHTML) for previewing of MHTML files
  • updating the Russian, German, French, Japanese, Slovak, Portuguese and Bulgarian translations
  • redesigning settings adding new css toggle switch
  • adding exif reader and automatically rotation of JPG files according to their exif orientation
  • making main menu configurable in the settings
  • adding the path to the file in the tooltip of the extension button
  • adding ico as supported file type
  • adding dom purify lib to the project
  • fixing #176 selecting the same directory twice
  • fixing refresh after deleting #149
  • fixing broken notification for new versions
  • [native] adding script for running TagSpaces in portable mode
  • [native] fixing handling of broken symlinks links #182
  • [OSX] fixing native menu with edit, copy, paste and window menus #174
  • [chrome] adding page capturing capabilities to the chrome extension
  • [chrome] disabling opening of the application on first install
  • [chrome] adding internationalization for the chrome store
  • [chrome] fixing double slash in the begin of a path in chrome
  • updating bootstrap to 3.2.0 and font-awesome to 4.2
  • adding spinkit to the project

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