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Version history for TextPad (64-bit)

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Changes for v7.4.0 - v7.5.0

  • Enhancements:
  • Now uses a stable sort algorithm which preserves the original order of lines with matching keys.
  • Implemented replacement format "\s{n,c}" which replaces each character in sub-expression $n with character c.
  • New Explorer context menu command to open a file in a particular instance.
  • Policy setting (400) to disallow use of the Check for Updates command.
  • The state of the scrollable Preferences checkboxes are now displayed as "[Off]" or "[On]", when a screen reader is running.
  • Issues Resolved:
  • Error when searching for text containing accented characters, when match whole words was set.
  • Changing the wordwrap state of a file with first line ".LOG" appended a timestamp.
  • When the cursor was not constrained to the text, deleting in line select mode didn't work.
  • Could not create a folder on a path starting with "\\servername".
  • The end of line was deleted when dragging a selection that extended past the end of line, because the cursor was not constrained to the text.
  • Alt+0146 was not treated as an apostrophe by the spell checker.
  • Files larger than 2^32 bytes were truncated when saved.
  • Random, occasional crashes in Find in Files.
  • The 64-bit edition didn't read Visual Studio's include file path from the registry.
  • Syntax definition files opened from the Syntax page of a Document Class were not displayed until the dialog box closed, when Document Tabs were displayed.
  • When the case of a selected block of text was changed, the width of the selection was sometimes modified.

Changes for v7.3.0 - v7.4.0

  • Issues Resolved:
  • Crash in spell check properties when invoked from the spelling dialog box.
  • Infinite loop when reformatting Japanese characters.
  • Control characters SOH, ESC, FS, GR, RS and US are not rendered by Windows so are now discarded if input from the keyboard.
  • Improved context-sensitive help on Find/Replace dialog boxes.

Changes for v7.2.0 - v7.3.0

  • Enhancements:
  • Korean edition.
  • Issues Resolved:
  • The $AppWnd and $DocWnd tool arguments didn't work correctly in the 64-bit edition.
  • If a URL was bracketed, the trailing ")" was treated as part of the URL, when it was followed by a punctuation character.
  • Visible spaces were incorrectly rendered for double width space characters.
  • License files containing non-ASCII user or company names were invalid.

Changes for v7.1.0 - v7.2.0

  • Issues Resolved:
  • Could not add the 64-bit edition to Explorer's context menu.
  • Unhandled exception in the Incremental Finder with Ctrl+I, Ctrl+I.
  • Integer overflow in document statistics for very large files.
  • The context menu commands to tile documents selected in the Document Selector didn't work in the 64-bit edition.
  • The 64-bit edition corrupted replace commands in macros as they were saved.
  • When all instances of a search pattern anchored to the start of a word or line were replaced with nothing, the replacement continued while the search pattern could still be matched.
  • Drag and drop of a shortcut opened the .lnk file.
  • Find in Files needed to check if the last matched line was terminated when logging the output.
  • When a Find in Files regular expression matched across line boundaries, the line counter sometimes got out of step, depending on the text that was matched.
  • When the cursor was not constrained to the text, and the last line of selected block of text was empty, the block could not be deleted.
  • When the cursor was not constrained to the text, text pasted beyond the current end of line was inserted at the start of the next line.
  • When loading a workspace created with TextPad 6.x, bookmarks in binary views were not restored correctly.
  • Problems sorting when last line was unterminated:
  • - Number of duplicate lines deleted was off by 1;
  • - Current line was not updated after undo;
  • - Undo left final end of line characters.

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