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Version history for TreeSize Free

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Changes for v4.0.2 - v4.1

  • TreeSize Free now allows forward and back navigation among the recently selected items.
  • •The extended filter mechanism now allows hiding empty folders from view.
  • •Folders and files that are compressed by the new compression methods of Windows 10 are now analyzed correctly by TreeSize Free.
  • •A new type of tooltip was introduced, which shows a preview of the content of the currently hovered-over element.
  • •The position of the treemap chart can now be switched to the bottom of the window. This increases the available space for details columns, with the treemap chart shown in parallel.
  • •TreeSize Free can now include a separate tile for the free space of a local drive in the treemap chart.
  • •The performance has been improved further when scanning a local drive or folder, or a remote location.
  • •Bugfix: Using the Windows Explorer's context menu for a mobile device to run TreeSize Free should now start the scan for the device as expected.
  • •Bugfix: Corrected the storing of the selected sorting. The sort direction should now be applied as intended.
  • •Bugfix: Several minor bug fixes and improvements have been incorporated.

Changes for v3.4.4 - v3.4.5

  • •Bugfix: Resolved a display issue where the position of a column could change if a folder was expanded.
  • •Bugfix: The status bar now shows correct percentage values again.
  • •Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the column header would not refresh if the user interface was switched between "size" and "percent".
  • •Bugfix: Entry "Rename" re-added to context menu.
  • •Bugfix: Several minor improvements and further bug fixes have been incorporated.

Changes for v3.4 - v3.4.2

  • •Bugfix: An error that occured during drag-and-drop-operations has been fixed.
  • Version 3.4.1 Released on 04 Nov 2015
  • •Bugfix: If a file or folder is deleted outside the application, TreeSize Free won't crash on file operations any longer. Invalid elements are now removed from the directory tree.
  • •Bugfix: A context-sensitive help is available in the "Filters" dialog.
  • •Bugfix: The status bar updates itself correctly while scanning.
  • •Bugfix: Several minor improvements and a few minor bug fixes have been incorporated.

Changes for v3.3.1 - v3.4

  • •TreeSize Free now supports scanning smartphones and mobile devices ?connected to the computer.
  • •Added support for one-click scans of local Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive folders.
  • •TreeSize Free no longer requires a restart when switching to the touch-optimized user interface.
  • •Tablet mode in Windows 10 can be detected (optional). TreeSize Free will automatically switch to the matching user interface.
  • •The touch-optimized user interface now provides a context menu for files and folders.
  • •Users can now select a printer in the touch interface.
  • •The performance while expanding folders has been increased.
  • •Bugifx: long lasting operations can be canceled now.
  • •Bugfix: Column information are persisted correctly when restarting TreeSize Free as administrator.

Changes for v3.3 - v3.3.1

  • Bugfix: The stability of the search in the directory tree has been improved.
  • Bugfix: An error occurring while reading the MFT (Master File Table) on some drives has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Clicking into whitespace no longer selects items in the new touch-optimized user interface.
  • Bugfix: Several minor improvements and a few minor bug fixes have been incorporated.

Changes for v3.2 - v3.3

  • New: touch-optimized user interface.

Changes for v3.1.1 - v3.2

  • TreeSize Free now scans network drives (except Windows servers and network drives within a Windows domain).
  • Bugfix: After deleting a file using SHIFT+DEL the directory tree is now updated correctly again.
  • Bugfix: Several minor improvements and a few minor fixes have been incorporated.

Changes for v3.1 - v3.1.1

  • Bugfix: Sometimes the scan of a local NTFS drive lead to unexpected errors and the scan could not be processed correctly.
  • Bugfix: Updating a single directory in the directory tree no longer refreshes the complete scan.
  • Bugfix: Deleting a folder using the DEL now works again on machines running Windows Vista.
  • Bugfix: The toolbar no longer flickers when resizing the window.

Changes for v3.0.1 - v3.1

  • TreeSize Free supports selection of multiple files now, e.g. to delete or move them.
  • Users can now search for folders in the directory tree.
  • Entries in the "Options" menu have been categorized.
  • To always run TreeSize Free with administrator privileges, simply select "Always start this application as administrator" under "Options > Application".
  • Several minor improvements and a few minor fixes have been incorporated.

Changes for v3.00 - v3.0.1

  • Bugfix: [Files]-item on top level is displayed again?.
  • Bugfix: After deleting files via the context menu or the DEL key, the directory tree will be refreshed automatically.
  • The column layout in printed reports has been rectified.

Changes for v2.6.0 - v2.7.0

  • The "Filter" dialog in the "Options" menu has been enhanced:
  • - Besides include filters it is now also possible to use exclude filters. This can be useful to exclude certain directories or files permanently from TreeSize Free scans.
  • - You can now define if matching should be done normally considering the wildcards * and ?, if an exact match should be performed, or if the pattern is treated as regular expression.
  • - You can decide if the given pattern should be matched against the full path or just against the object name.
  • The right click menu now offers to remove a folder temporarily from TreeSize Free or to exclude it permanently from scans.
  • A few minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

Changes for v2.5.1 - v2.6.0

  • TreeSize Free V2.6.0 released with ability to apply NTFS-compression to direcory branches

Changes for v2.5.0 - v2.5.1

  • TreeSize Free V2.5.1 with display option for the NTFS compression rate has been published

Changes for v2.3.3 - v2.4.0

  • Support for drag and drop operations has been added. They work within the directory tree as well as with the Windows Explorer.
  • "View > Options > File Filter" now shows a dialog box that allows to configure the include filters more comfortably.
  • The items "New instance of TreeSize Free (Ctrl+N)" and "Print Setup" have been added to the "File" menu.
  • "Scan this folder" has been added to right click menu. It allows you to start a new instance of TreeSize Free that is rooted at the selected folder.
  • The Explorer context menu is now also shown for the [Files] items in the directory tree. The displayed context menu will apply to all files that are summarized under this item.
  • Expanding all folders using the right click menu is much faster now.
  • The Windows Start menu now has a shortcut to start TreeSize Free with administrative privileges under Windows Vista and later.
  • The new option "Scan with one Thread only" under "View > Options" can be used to force a scan using just a single thread. This will have less impact on the performance of your system during the scan.
  • Bugfix: In case a selected file was deleted and then its folder was collapsed, an error could occur.
  • Bugfix: The application settings were not deleted correctly from a system during uninstallation.

Changes for v1.78 - v1.7.9

  • TreeSize does not stop any more on "Access Denied" denied errors with a message box, it now continues scanning.
  • A few minor issues under Windows Vista have been fixed.

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