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Version history for TweetDeck

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Changes for v3.0.5 - v3.1.3

  • Updated with larger media previews

Changes for v2.7.1 - v3.0.2

  • · Minimize to tray
  • · New layout
  • · Followers column
  • · New search filters

Changes for v0.37.5 - v2.1.0

  • What's new in TweetDeck 2.1.0:
  • Edit your search columns:
  • · Now you can edit your search columns as you add new columns. That means there’s no need to continue adding new search columns as you refine your search to the result set you want. You can edit a single search column for as long as you like and instantly see your changes reflected in results. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon (top right of a search column) to expand the column options and change the search term right there. Hit Enter to submit the changed search and see the results straight away.
  • Set up list columns:
  • · Another simple but very effective new feature is the ability to open a list directly by typing its name in the search box. Before, viewing someone else’s list, especially a list you were not subscribed to, was only possible when opening a person’s profile panel and scanning down all their lists. Now all you have to do is type @username/listname into the search box. Instead of returning a search result, TweetDeck recognises you are looking for a list and shows you that list in the list window. From here you can view the recent Tweets from the list and add it as a new column.
  • Expanded Tweets:
  • · To round off this update we have also included full support for Photo and Player cards in the Tweet details view, bringing support for more than 2,000 websites to your TweetDeck columns.
  • Keyboard shortcuts:
  • · It's a small start, but this release introduces keyboard shortcuts to TweetDeck. Try these shortcuts to get started today.
  • · Hit ‘n’ to open the Tweet compose window
  • · Hit ‘ctrl+enter’ to send the Tweet
  • · Hit ‘esc’ to close the compose window (also works with all other pop-up windows)
  • What's new in TweetDeck 2.0.1:
  • Changed:
  • · wyUpdate now always uses HTTPS
  • · Windows app minimum width is now 3-columns wide
  • · Updated font rendering to improve cross-platform legibility
  • Fixed:
  • · New DM notification dot is not removed on read
  • · Notifications for DMs do not work properly
  • What's new in TweetDeck 2.0.0:
  • Changed:
  • · Redesigned UI
  • Added:
  • · Option to enable a Light theme
  • · Option to change font size
  • What's new in TweetDeck 1.6.2:
  • Added:
  • · Profile header images are now displayed in the profile panel where a user has uploaded one via
  • What's new in TweetDeck 1.6.1:
  • Fixed:
  • · Dragging & dropping a URL onto the Mac app launches the URL
  • · Compose window doesn't close after posting Tweet in some circumstances
  • · Some profiles unable to open on first attempt
  • What's new in TweetDeck 1.6:
  • Changed:
  • · Calls via REST API are now made every 100s (previously 120s)
  • Added:
  • · Support for Twitter "summary" cards
  • · In-app messaging banner for new update alerts, surveys, support issues etc.
  • Fixed:
  • · Clicking a link from media gallery view opens the page twice
  • · "Share link in TweetDeck" context-menu option not working properly
  • · Incorrect positioning when jumping to far right or left column via columns dropdown
  • · Loading spinner still visible behind very small images in media gallery view
  • What's new in TweetDeck 1.5.2:
  • Browse easily:
  • · Now your columns are arranged in one continuous horizontal row, allowing you to navigate smoothly left and right with the scrollbar.
  • · You can scroll several columns at a time by clicking the arrows either side of the “Columns” button on the top toolbar. You can also click the “Columns” button to reveal the full list of all the columns in your TweetDeck and access any column immediately.
  • Manage your columns:
  • · With the addition of the new Columns button it’s now easier to arrange your columns. With the column drop-down open, simply hover over the “drag” icon to the right of the column name you wish to move, click and drag the column to its new position, then drop.
  • Act on what's happening:
  • · A menu icon on every Tweet gives you instant access to more Tweet actions, like “Create link”, and user-related actions, like “Block”. This makes it possible report a user for spam, add an account to a list, delete your own Tweet, and much more, all without having to leave your main column view.
  • What's new in TweetDeck 1.3:
  • List management:
  • · Create, edit and delete lists by clicking the Lists button.
  • Activity Column:
  • · Keep up with the accounts you follow by adding an activity column via the Add Column window
  • Interactions column:
  • · Monitor your mentions and more by adding an Interaction comumn via the Add Column window
  • Media Previews:
  • · Inline media previews give you a glimpse of what's being shared. Don't want inline media? Turn it off in Settings.
  • What's new in TweetDeck 1.2:
  • · Security and stability fixes.

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