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Version history for UltraMon (32bit)

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Changes for v3.2.1 - v3.2.2

  • New in this release
  • Support for Windows 8 final version (RTM release): the following issues have been fixed:
  • the window buttons match the look of the native buttons
  • Smart Taskbar is disabled by default due to the built-in multi-monitor taskbar
  • Fixed issues
  • Mirroring: monitor 2 configured to mirror 3. If we now try to configure 3 to mirror 2, it gets set to mirror itself
  • Application mirroring doesn't work with Office 2013
  • Fatal error in UiAccClient.cpp at line 302 if UltraMonUiAcc.exe takes more than 5 seconds to launch
  • Fatal error in ButtonWnd.cpp at line 1487
  • UltraMon taskbars may not get created after startup even though UltraMonTaskbar.exe is running
  • Autohide taskbar can't be raised if maximized Firefox or Chrome window is the foreground window on that monitor
  • Starting mirroring may cause the desktop wallpaper to get messed up
  • Scripting: System.SetCursorPos doesn't work on Windows XP

Changes for v3.2.0 - v3.2.1

  • Window buttons don't get added to Firefox

Changes for v3.1.0 - v3.2.0

  • Support for Windows 8 (release preview):
  • window buttons: the buttons now work on Windows 8, and match the look of the native buttons (Aero and Basic visual styles)
  • wallpaper manager: wallpaper gets laid out correctly if you have a monitor to the left of the primary monitor
  • Smart Taskbar: if UltraMon gets installed for the first time on a Windows 8 system, and the multi-monitor taskbar is enabled, the Smart Taskbar is disabled by default (you can still enable it via UltraMon Options > Smart Taskbar)
  • ChangesWindows 2000 is no longer supported, 3.2.0 requires Windows XP SP2 or later, or Server 2003 SP1 or later.
  • If you have configured compatibility settings for 16-bit applications, you'll need to recreate those settings. This is due to a change in how 16-bit applications are handled. Please note that your settings will apply to all 16-bit applications, this was the case previously as well, but the user interface allowed setting up different settings for different 16-bit applications.
  • All binaries (executables and DLL files) are now digitally signed, previously only the setup file was signed.
  • Fixed issuesMultiple entries for the same application shown in application mirroring mode for some applications, for example Windows Media Player and Excel
  • Fatal error in WndExt.cpp at lines 386, 392 and 1894 when running multiple 16-bit applications
  • Fatal error in ButtonRendererVistaComposited.cpp at line 119 when using the PlastiQ Aero theme
  • Occasional crash of UltraMon.exe when starting 32-bit application on 64-bit Windows 7 if UltraMon window buttons are disabled
  • LabVIEW 2011 not shown in list of running applications when configuring compatibility settings via UltraMon Options > Compatibility
  • UltraMon display configuration menu options such as Display Settings and Set Primary don't get disabled if the display control panel is disabled via group policy
  • Smart Taskbar: minimize task via click on task button doesn't behave the same way as on the main taskbar
  • Smart Taskbar doesn't work correctly if the shell process registry entry isn't set or uses a partial path
  • Fatal error in TaskBand.cpp at line 1136 when using Taskbar Shuffle or Taskix to reorder tasks on the UltraMon taskbar
  • Visual Studio 2003 restores to blank window after minimizing via click on task button
  • With the Smart Taskbar enabled, explorer.exe may hang when resuming from hibernation
  • Fatal or runtime error in UltraMonTaskbar.exe when using Stardock theme
  • Smart Taskbar doesn't work when using Aston Shell version 2.0.4 or RES Workspace Manager
  • Fatal error in TaskBand.cpp at line 485
  • Wallpaper manager (UltraMonDesktop.exe) may hang instead of showing an error message when trying to load a corrupted wallpaper profile
  • If a monitor is ignored, it may not be possible to enable another monitor connected to the same video card
  • UltraMon may only show two monitors instead of 3 on Windows 7 when using a docked laptop with 2 external monitors connected
  • Saving icon positions doesn't work if DeskScapes from Stardock is installed
  • Scripting: object browser and script editor Intellisense don't show new methods and properties added in version 2.7.0 of the UltraMon COM objects
  • Scripting: MonCtl.RefreshMonitorLayout crashes on Windows 7 if called before the monitor collection has been created
  • Scripting: setting the MonCtl.SelDisabled property has no effect, and documentation is wrong

Changes for v3.0.10 - v3.1.0

  • Licensing change: per-computer licensing has been changed to require a license for each computer where the software is used instead of each computer where the software is installed. This mainly affects terminal server environments, if the software is only installed on the server you would previously have needed only a single license for the server, but now you'll need a license for each multi-monitor client but the server no longer needs a license. You can review the new licensing agreement here.
  • Applying an existing display profile or shortcut with custom display settings may result in the monitor image getting turned upside-down, to fix this, edit the profile or shortcut and set the orientation setting as desired. This is due to legacy display profiles and shortcuts getting upgraded to support the new orientation setting, during the upgrade the default landscape or portrait orientation gets selected based on the display resolution.
  • No compatibility warning gets shown if only a single monitor is detected when UltraMon runs for the first time. This prevents an unnecessary warning if the software is installed on a terminal server, but the client connecting to the server only has a single monitor. The original reason for this warning was lack of native multi-monitor support in Windows 2000 drivers, this isn't an issue anymore.

Changes for v2.7.1 - v3.0.10

  • Support for Windows 7 and Vista: all features work on Windows 7/Vista, and the window buttons and additional taskbars match the new look
  • Improved application compatibility: different types of hooks are used for features like the window buttons and Smart Taskbar, reducing compatibility issues with applications. In addition, more features can be configured on a per-application basis via the new Compatibility tab under Options
  • Enhanced security through support for DEP (Data Execution Prevention) and ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization)
  • Display settings:
  • new settings change confirmation prompt which matches the Windows look-and-feel
  • user-configurable timeout for the settings change confirmation prompt (under UltraMon Options > Profiles and Shortcuts)
  • Hotkeys:
  • support for using the Windows key as a modifier for key combinations
  • Mirroring:
  • only a single application, part of the desktop, or the area around the mouse pointer can be mirrored in addition to mirroring one or more monitors
  • zoom option and support for displays with different aspect ratios
  • pause mirroring (freezes the current image)
  • hotkeys for starting/stopping/pausing mirroring
  • more compatible due to no longer using a display mirror driver
  • Screen saver manager:
  • improved compatibility due to the UltraMon screen saver no longer running on a separate desktop
  • Smart Taskbar:
  • toolbars like the True Launch Bar or Taskbar Magnifier can be added to UltraMon taskbars
  • configuration gets adjusted to changed display configurations automatically, you never need to make changes manually
  • cascade/tile/show desktop and Task Manager can be accessed via the right-click menu of the taskbar
  • support for task ordering applications like Taskbar Shuffle and Taskix
  • support for custom task button width (MinWidth registry setting)
  • Wallpaper manager:
  • support for images in the GIF format
  • less disk space required for wallpapers due to only a single wallpaper bitmap getting generated (gets updated as necessary)
  • better performance with network roaming due to the wallpaper bitmap being stored locally instead of on the network
  • Window management:
  • command prompt windows get the UltraMon window buttons as well
  • window buttons now work fine with Office 2007
  • per-monitor cascade/tile/show desktop, either via hotkey or right-click on the taskbar (UltraMon system tray icon on the main taskbar)
  • UltraMon tries to detect custom window buttons added by applications, and will adjust the position of its buttons accordingly

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