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Version history for WebSite-Watcher Free

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Changes for 2019 (19.6) - 2020 (20.1)

  • [x] Chromium check technology improved
  • [x] The WebSite-Watcher Eye button is displayed larger on high DPI resolutions
  • [x] Improved compatibility when checking Twitter pages via RSS (could be broken in prev version)
  • [-] Monitoring PDF files with the check technology Chromium/Browser did not work correctly
  • [-] Pre-define bookmark properties: It was not possible to pre-define a delay or a scroll-down value when the Chromium technology was selected
  • [-] It was not possible to use Chromium related features when working with multiples instances of WebSite-Watcher
  • [-] Improvements using the Download Manager when working with multiples instances of WebSite-Watcher
  • [-] External browser tabs could crash under certain circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Changes for v2019 (19.4) - v2019 (19.5)

  • [+] External browser configuration (via browser toolbar): New parameters {new} and {old}. This makes it possible and easy to open external comparision tools to highlight changes
  • [x] Follow Links: Detecting duplicates in child bookmarks improved
  • [-] Sending PDF files by e-mail did not show images when the option "Use absolute image addresses" was turned on
  • [-] Clicking into the URL field of the internal browser selects the whole URL (was broken in v19.4)
  • Smaller stability improvements

Changes for v2019 (19.3) - v2019 (19.4)

  • [+] External Browser Tabs: displays same toolbar buttons as the first browser tab, this makes it more comfortable to work with.
  • [x] Performance improvements when opening multiple Chromium tabs
  • [x] Performance improvements when checking bookmarks with the check technology "Chromium / Browser" simultaneously
  • [+] External browser tabs use the statusbar of the main window instead of an own statusbar
  • [-] Send e-mails: If a page is monitored with the screenshot method and the option "Use absolute image URLs in HTML mails" was turned on, then images were not sent
  • [x] Browser integration improved
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved
  • [+] The two alternative PDF plugins "pdftotext" support Unicode characters and conversions
  • [x] Checking Facebook pages improved (compatible with latest Facebook changes)
  • [-] Internet Explorer browser integration was broken in v19.3
  • Smaller fixes and optimizations

Changes for v2019 (19.2) - v2019 (19.3)

  • [+] Ransomware Detection: If WebSite-Watcher detects Ransomware on your PC, it will stop running WSW tasks, lock and protect as many important WSW files as possible, and you will get notified via user interface, by e-mail or via Pushover. This feature is disabled by default and can be turned on in the program configuration (Advanced + Ransomware Detection).
  • [+] Send status messages via Pushover, for example when e-mails could not be sent. If you use WebSite-Watcher 24/7 on a server and if you're a Pushover user, then this is a very quick way to get notified on your phone when a problem occurs.
  • [+] Browser integration via WSW eye button: WebSite-Watcher can grab URLs from all main browsers without installing an extra browser extension (if you have used the browser extension previously, you can remove it from your Internet Browser). This new method works with Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, IE and Edge.
  • [+] Send e-mail: New option "Use absolute image URLs in HTML mails" (program configuration). If this option is enabled, WebSite-Watcher will use absolute URLs for images in HTML mails, independently if you download images to your hard disk when checking bookmarks. This option is enabled by default and can dramatically reduce the size of HTML mails. Also Facebook/Twitter/Instagram bookmarks will benefit from that option.
  • [+] Send e-mail: New subject variable {counter}. This counter increments by 1 with every e-mail sent. In your mailbox you can then see at a glance if a message did not come through because of a missing number.
  • [+] Twitter RSS feeds improved: WSW also tries to monitor the content of embedded objects
  • [+] Send e-mails: Improved handling of WebP images
  • [+] Internal Browser: Opening a page with highlighted changes in the Text tab automatically jumps to the first change
  • [x] External Chromium Browser Tabs: Optimizations when downloading exe/zip files directly from the checked page
  • [x] Download Manager improvements to work around conflicts with Virus Scanners
  • [+] Download Manager: Clicking "Abort active downloads" will pause the Download Manager until you click the Continue button
  • [+] New option "Extract TITLE parameter from HTML tags" (Bookmark properties + Advanced + HTML). Extracts the text content from the ALT and TITLE parameters (from any HTML tag) and inserts it into the page. This makes it easy to monitor the contents of these parameters.
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved
  • [x] Improved handling of image lazy loading
  • [-] Follow-Links: Regular expressions to avoid duplicates didn't work correctly under certain circumstances
  • [-] Phone bookmarks: Smaller fixes and improvements
  • [-] WSW Eye is no longer displayed when Thunderbird is the active application
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Changes for 2019 (19.1) - v2019 (19.2)

  • [+] The check technology "Chromium/Browser" uses the entered WSW proxy configuration
  • [+] External Browser Tabs with Chromim as browser engine use the entered WSW proxy configuration
  • [+] Internet Explorer Macros improved: More types of links supported
  • [x] Send RSS feeds by e-mail: The "full" and "headlines" buttons are no longer displayed
  • [x] Twitter: RSS conversion improved
  • [x] Chromium: Persist sessions cookies between checks (makes it easier to remember logins or confirmed cookie messages)
  • [x] Improvements to avoid conflicts with Virus Scanner for Chromium related modules
  • [x] Smaller improvements when checking PDF files with the technology "Chromium / Browser"
  • [-] Certain RSS feeds could display the status that no articles are available (the feeds were however monitored correctly)
  • [-] Minor optical fixes when using Windows with classic theme
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Changes for 2019 (19.0) - 2019 (19.1)

  • [+] External Browser Tabs
  • [+] Use Chromium as browser engine when opening web pages (via External Browser Tabs)
  • [+] AutoWatch: New option "Automatic check interval"
  • [x] Facebook: RSS conversion improved
  • [x] Check technology "Chromium/Browser" improved
  • [-] The bookmark action "Export page" was broken when the bookmark was checked by screenshot
  • [x] Send e-mails in HTML format with disabled CSS definitions improved
  • [x] Internal browser: Opening page in the TEXT tab improved (certain pages could cause problems or crashes under rare circumstances)
  • [-] Filter Assistant: WSW could crash under rare circumstances when the page was opened in the TEXT tab
  • [x] Phone Mode: Smaller improvements
  • [x] Improvements when running multiple instances
  • [+] New program tweak: ConvertRssTitleLength=NNN (Length of the article titles when WebSite-Watcher converts Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages to RSS feeds. Can be a number between 30 and 200, default value is 40.)
  • [x] Chromium updated to version 72
  • [x] Dutch translation updated
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

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