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Version history for Windows Repair Toolbox (portable)

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Changes for v3.0.2.0 - v3.0.2.1

  • ### Added
  • - Added a link to, in the "Malware Removal" tab.
  • ### Changed
  • - The "Email where you wish to receive the log", in the "Settings" tab, is now a saved setting. This means that it will not be deleted after a program restart,
  • and that it will also be exported when you use the "Backup" functionality, or when you upgrade Windows Repair Toolbox using the built-in functionality.
  • - Centered the "Update All" settings and the "Set password" window in relation to the Windows Repair Toolbox main window and not in relation to the screen.
  • ### Fixed
  • - If new tools where introduced in a new version of Windows Repair Toolbox, after upgrading to that new version (using the built-in upgrade mechanism),
  • the "Update All" settings would not save the settings regarding those new tools.
  • - It was possible to open more than one "Update All" settings window at the same time.

Changes for v3.0.1.7 - v3.0.1.8

  • ### Added
  • - Improved high-DPI support.
  • - When a new version of Windows Repair Toolbox is available the program is now able to auto-update while keeping user customizations.
  • It will no longer ask you to go to the website to download the new version.
  • ### Changed
  • - When setting a startup password for WRT, you will be asked you to enter it twice (in order to prevent typos).
  • - If you insert the wrong password when entering WRT, the program will no longer close itself.
  • - Improvements to the "Clear Downloads" function.
  • - Several other minor improvements.
  • ### Fixed
  • - If Vipre Rescue was configured to run a full scan (instead of the default quick scan), the "Run Unattended" process would return an error
  • when trying to put together the resulting logs.

Changes for v3.0.1.5 - v3.0.1.7

  • ### Added
  • - The ability to select what tools are to be downloaded or updated when the "Update All" button is clicked (in the "Settings" tab of WRT).
  • ### Changed
  • - In the "Backup & Recovery" section, replaced "DriverBackup" with "CloneApp".
  • - If the OS is Windows 10, the information about the specific version will now be more visible (directly in the label, instead of a tooltip).
  • - Removed the message box that would be shown at the startup of the program if for some reason the CPU temperature monitor wasn't available.
  • - Improvements to the way the user settings and customizations are stored.
  • - Updated the 7-Zip components to version 19.00.
  • - Several other internal updates, changes and improvements.
  • ### Fixed
  • - If "Windows Repair AIO" was selected to "Run Unattended" (in the "Malware Removal" tab of WRT), one of the repairs performed by it would sometimes trigger a warning message in WRT ("RAM performance monitor will not work"),
  • that needed to be manually closed in order for the process to continue.
  • - The program wasn't deleting the remaining incomplete file in the case of three sequential automated unsuccessful download attempts.
  • This problem would mostly occur with the "MSERT" download, resulting in the error message: "The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform."
  • - If some exception occurred during the deletion of a file in between automated download attempts, the program would not restore several elements of the GUI (progressbar, the labels...).
  • - If it wasn't extracted and executed at least once, "Firefox Portable" would be downloaded every time the "Update All" button (in the "Settings" tab of WRT) was clicked.
  • - If it wasn't extracted and executed at least once, "Firefox Portable" would not be deleted by the "Clear Downloads" button (in the "Settings" tab of WRT).
  • - Several other minor bug fixes.

Changes for v3.0.1.0 - v3.0.1.5

  • - The tooltip of the linklabel "OS", at the bottom of the first tab, will now additionally display:
  • . The Default Gateway;
  • . The BIOS Manufacturer, version and date.
  • - Added "Crucial System Scanner" to the "Hardware" section of the toolbox.
  • - Added "Furmark" to the "Hardware" section of the toolbox.
  • - Added a "Welcome" form at the program startup that gives the option to run the program in minimal mode (previously known as "safe mode").
  • - The message that informs that there's a new version of WRT available, will now also inform that the program has a functionality that allows to backup/restore
  • the Branding settings and the Custom Tools from the old to the new version.

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