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Version history for X-Mouse Button Control (64-bit)

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Changes for v1.45 - v1.46

  • Fixed a bug in 1.45 that broke application specific simulated keystrokes.

Changes for v1.44 - v1.45

  • Fixed the Save/Restore desktop icons in Windows 7 (rc)
  • Added a 'Disable XMBC' option on the context menu. This completely disables the XMBC mouse hook when ticked.
  • Modifed the text in the GUI slightly.
  • Modifed Simulated keystrokes to allow the user to have more control over when the keystrokes are pressed and released
  • Added a {CLEAR} keystroke tag to reset any modifier keys (CTRL}, {ALT}, {SHIFT} etc.

Changes for v1.43 - v1.44

  • Fixed a bug in the setup dialog causing the simulated keystorkes (and launch appliation) for RIGHT-X to use the settings from Scroll WheelDown instead of its own setting.
  • Fixed a bug with simulated keystrokes where a key sequence with multiple characters (eg. 'hello' is not sent correctly because the same "keydown" is sent twice without a "keyup" in between.
  • Fixed bug causing /NoLog commandline option to be ignored and setting in the config file used always.

Changes for v1.42 - v1.43

  • Added ability to disable logging with a /NoLog command line and hidden option.
  • Fixed installer error in 1.42 on OS's earlier before Vista.

Changes for v1.41 - v1.42

  • Added ability to configure the mouse wheel up/down action.
  • Fixed some actions like "Copy (CTRL+C)" that use keyboard shortcuts and did not work when a non-english keyboard was installed..

Changes for v1.40 - v1.41

  • Added ability to copy application specific settings.
  • Modified logging to always log some basic information.
  • Added "Open log file" context menu item to systray icon.
  • Added "Enable DEBUG logging" option to setup dialog.
  • Added XML configuration files to hold settings instead of the registry
  • Added new Portable mode. In this mode the configuration file (and log) is stored alongside the executable, ideal for running from a USB stick.
  • Portable mode is automatically enabled if the application is not in the install location under \program files
  • It is also enabled if the /portable command line switch is specified.
  • Fixed a bug causing buttons to stop working when switching between applicaiton specific settings.
  • Fixed a bug causing the service launcher to fail when UAC is disabled.

Changes for v1.39.3 - v1.40

  • Fixed some bugs (probably introduced in 1.39) that could cause crashes under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the "Wheel scrolls in pages instead of lines"
  • Added "hidden" registry option to enable enable configuration of the 6th mouse button on an "Office Mouse". NOTE: If you want to try this, PM me on my forums or email me for details and instructions. This mode disables TILT support as these mice do not have tilt wheels.

Changes for v1.39.1 - v1.39.3

  • Fixed some more issues in the installer under Vista or later. The VC2008 runtime is no longer required as all the required files are included in the installation package.
  • Added a /debug command line switch to debug information to a logfile. This slows things down but will help me help you!
  • Fixed some installation kit issues.

Changes for v1.39 - v1.39.1

  • Removed the task scheduler changes - they didnt work in many situations.Changed the GUI layout.
  • Added the server launcher to start XMBC elevated if the used has the required admin acocunt.

Changes for v1.37 - v1.39

  • Modified the installer to create a scheduled task on Vista (and later) to run XMBC with elevated permissions.
  • Changed the GUI layout.
  • Added tilt wheel support (Vista and later only).
  • Updated code to use Visual Studio 2008 (and therefore the VC2008 runtime environment).
  • Internal build to test tilt functionality in Vista.

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