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Version history for XYplorer (portable)

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Changes for v15.80.0000 - v15.80.0100

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Changes for v15.70.0000 - v15.80.0000

  • Global Visual Filters. Global Visual Filters can visually reduce your file system to the stuff you created this year, this month, this week, today. Or to JPEGs only. Or to everything you tagged as "Important". Or whatever criteria you want to apply. Filter and conquer. Only show what you need to see. Global Visual Filters might change the way you manage your files.
  • Visual Filters by Tags. Now you can show just those items with certain labels, tags, and comments, and hide all others.
  • Color Filters by Tags. Now you can color-code items depending on their labels, tags, and comments.
  • Search In List. Now you can run a search over a list of items, instead of just searching one or more locations. This can be an arbitrary list compiled in a file or in the clipboard, or the currently listed items, or the currently selected items. So you now can easily run a search over the current search results, again and again.
  • Dupes By Basename. Now you can find groups of files with the same basename, regardless of their extensions.
  • Find By Count. Now you can find folders by the number of the contained items.
  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Klingon.

Changes for v15.50.0100 - v15.60.0000

  • Ghost Filter. The Ghost Filter lets you globally hide particular files and folders. E.g. the stuff you almost never want to see anywhere, like those desktop.ini and Thumbs.db files, or items beginning with a dot. Or the stuff you don’t want to see just now for whatever reason. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Access Control. And here’s the Ghost Filter for the boss. As admin you now can completely hide particular items from the users, on a per-user basis. Might add some safety to your company. (Pro Edition Only)
  • QuickSearch. The new QuickSearch function connects scripting with XYplorer’s powerful search engine. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Floating Preview. Now you can navigate your photos by left mouse click.
  • Lock Zoom Position. Optionally keep the zoom position when switching images in the preview. Useful when comparing details of different versions of the same image.

Changes for v15.40.0100 - v15.50.0100

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Changes for v15.00.0500 - v15.10.0000

  • Find Files Without Extension
  • Toggle Quick Search
  • Dropdown Left
  • Load Speed

Changes for v14.80.0000 - v14.80.0200

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Changes for v14.60.0200 - v14.80.0000

  • Find Empty Items
  • Find Containing Folders
  • Enhanced Photo Data
  • Photo Data Columns

Changes for v14.40.0200 - v14.50.0000

  • new features:
  • Mouse Down Blow Up on Icons
  • Mouse Down Blow Up Text
  • Mouse Down Blow Up Hex View
  • Colored Tabs
  • 10 Years Mouse Down Blow Up!

Changes for v14.20.0200 - v14.20.0300

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Changes for v14.20.0100 - v14.20.0200

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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