Check if your Spotify account details have been leaked to public

What is this about?

On Wednesday 24th of May, 2017, over 6'000 Spotify accounts, along with their unencrypted passwords, were leaked to public.

You can use this page to check if your account was one of those that were leaked.

Are my details in danger?

Yes. If your account is in this list, the password you have used at Spotify, ,has leaked to public. If you use the same password in other services too, change that password immediately!

What if the search matches my account?

The search is so-called wildcard search, so it searces even for partial matches. Thus, if your account is called "Joe" and you search with that, also the accounts that contain the same term, like "Joe123", will bring up a match.

If your account can be found from the list, go through all the services where you might have used the same password and change the password in all of those services, immediately.

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Link to this page | Privacy policy

Privacy policy for user databases, according to Finnish legislation (523/99)10

1. Maintainer of the register

AfterDawn Oy
Temmeksentie 3, ovi 965
90400 Oulu

2. Contact details

AfterDawn Oy
Petteri Pyyny
Temmeksentie 3, ovi 965
90400 Oulu

3. Name of the register

Spotify password leak 05/2017 database.

4. Purpose of the register

  • To provide search facility for password leak victims that occurred in May, 2017

5. Contents of the register

This register database contains the following data

  • user account login name

6. Source of the database

File that was leaked to public domain on 24th of May, 2017

7. Handing over the database

Data will be handed over and accessed only through the search page, located at

8. Transfer of the data

Data wont be transferred to outside of the European Union as a database.

9. Protections for the database

AfterDawn Oy's network and equipment has been protected with technical measures, such as firewall.

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