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Last week's charts

Written by Jari Ketola @ 03 Feb 2003 14:05 User comments (6)

Last week's charts Another week gone by, another chart to be checked out.
DivX Pro v5.03 and VirtualDub are the only new entries on this weeks software chart. The top five remains the same from last week.

Nude Guitars enters the MP3 charts at sixth with p90. Meanwhile 230Volts has managed to get three songs to top ten. Very well done!

Dela was again the busiest forum-user.

Here are the charts in full.

Hot programs

1. SmartRipper v2.41
2. XviD Codec (Koepi's 04102002 bin)
3. Streambox VCR v1.0 beta 3.1
4. TMPGEnc v2.510.49.157
5. DVD2AVI v1.77.3
6. FFDSHOW 01-03-2003 alpha
7. DVD Decrypter v3.1.4.0
8. DivX Pro v5.03
9. Alcohol 120% v1.4.0.114
10. VirtualDub v1.4.13

Hot MP3s

2. Riku Avanto ja Spermaiset Nakit : "Äkkiä viinaa"
3. Dj Quesito/Gettopoet : "BIN LADEN vs BUSH CLUB EDIT"
4. Loud Sound Disorder : "Eminem Diss"
5. 230Volts : "Humminbird"
6. Nude Guitars : "p90"
7. 230Volts : "Chemical Chill"
8. 230Volts : "Meaningless Joy"
9. INDUSTRY OVERHAUL : "Industry Overhaul-Take Me Now"
10. 230Volts : "Electric Chase"

Top forum users

1. Dela
2. aldaco12
3. DextrsLab
4. loaded
5. malum
6. jr_
7. dvmaestro
8. tiram
9. DickBone
10. seamonkey

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6 user comments

13.2.2003 14:12

Well it is nice to see that after a long absence I am back in the charts. DickBone and Seamonkey....Interesting nicks. Perhaps you could consider changing them if you want to be included in future chart listings. ;-) Paul.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

28.2.2003 8:02

sometimes dvdxcopy gives me an error message when reading a movie disk

38.2.2003 9:00

Funny, I guess your browser will be giving you error messages soon too, Want to know why? Because if you keep posting in the wrong place you will get banned. Paul.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

418.2.2003 7:15

Tsk, all this help and they ask me to change my name. What's this? whitness protection or something?? Stupid as it is DickBone is close to my real name. Dik

To boldly Back-up what no one has Backed-up before!
AOpen DVRW2412PRO burning through dvdr's :'(
Playstation 2 V7 Messiah 2 = a bit screwed :(

519.2.2003 6:55

Just add big *sarcasm* tags around anything that loaded blurps to these forums and you're fine =)

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

62.3.2003 12:56

Sarcastic....Moi? ;-) Paul.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

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