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Last week's charts

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 25 May 2003 12:00 User comments (6)

Last week's charts Ok, ime to take a quick look at last week's top charts again.
As usual, Dela topped the forum charts and others on the top 5 look very, very familiar from previous weeks as well :-) In software charts, Daemon Tools continues its growth in popularity and is now at #3 spot, otherwise there aren't any dramatic changes in the top 10. MP3 chart looks rather familiar, but Tag101 is a new name and hit the charts with two songs in top 3.

But let's quit the babbling, charts are here:

Hot programs

1. SmartRipper v2.41
2. XviD Codec (Koepi's 04102002 bin)
3. Daemon Tools v3.33
4. DVD Decrypter v3.1.6.0
5. Streambox VCR v1.0 beta 3.1
6. Alcohol 120% v1.4.3.518
7. FFDSHOW 2003-04-24 alpha
8. TMPGEnc v2.512.52.161
9. (S)VCD2DVDMPG v1.1
10. DVD Shrink v1.03

Hot MP3s

1. Gettopoet : "SADDAM VS BUSH DANCE 2003"
2. Tag101 : "Bruno tone!"
3. Tag101 : "Bruno with Strat"
4. Riku Avanto ja Spermaiset Nakit : "Äkkiä viinaa"
5. fuzzbox : "Cranked Smokey amp"
6. Mean Reds : "tasty—rhythm—man"
7. fuzzbox : "Angus' medley"
9. 3hrs Late : "Fucking Great"
10. AEON : "Matrix Paradox"

Top forum users

1. Dela
2. herbsman
3. darthnip
4. Shoey
5. telescope
6. MikeBUK
7. baabaa
8. acal
9. L-dubb
10. powerdup

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6 user comments

125.5.2003 13:45

In the few years I have come to this site (within the last year I make daily visits) I havent seen anyone post to one of these articles. And just for the record, I like to dance in the river called pond.

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226.5.2003 8:27

Here's a post. Post. You're never alone with schizophrenia.

327.5.2003 0:46

MaryJayne? Sure it is not Marijuana? One toke too many, methinks.... Paul.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

427.5.2003 20:41


527.5.2003 21:42

What she tried to say is: Me Jane (instead of MaryJane) I guess that makes me

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627.5.2003 21:50

Jee, I'm not in the Top Forum Users.

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