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New audio technology could revolutionize the industry

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 17 Dec 2008 8:32 User comments (6)

New audio technology could revolutionize the industry A group of scientists have developed a new audio technology in the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK). Directional audio coding (DirAC) technique aims to produce the best possible sound for the listener regardless of how many speakers the sound system has and where the speakers are located. TKK has now sold the protecting patents to a German research organization Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.
The technique is based on Spatial Impulse Response Rendering (SIRR) and would use for example a remote control to measure and determine what kind of speaker setup surrounds the listener. By transmitting audio and metadata between the microphone, the audio system and the speakers it would produce optimal audio quality for the listener. The technology is said to be suitable for teleconferencing as well.

According to TKK DirAC could become the industry standard. The recordings would hold 1-3 channels of audio and metadata. However, the studies are not yet finished.

TKK and its researchers will continue to work on DirAC with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

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6 user comments

117.12.2008 15:55

It would be great to have excellent surround sound with only 1-3 channels. Definitely buying if it doesn't come with a hefty price tag.

217.12.2008 22:24

Does this mean endo will not need all his speakers then ? Hmmmmm.....

Just asking :)


Life is Grand !

318.12.2008 8:51

I think you would still need all your speakers. This can not produce sound where there is none. But it could take the 3 channels of information and send them in a special way to your 8 speaker setup. Also, this must be meant to replace just 2 channel stereo audio. There would be no way it could replace 5.1 or higher, because the info would be missing on the other channels.

I guess for the true way this will work, we are going to have to wait for the final stage to be complete.

418.12.2008 15:21

Using a bit of imagination I could see this as being quite cool. I don't see why the metadata couldn't separate the sounds for each speaker from two sound channels into true 8 speaker (or more) surround sound. It would obviously have to be recorded on a system that can record the metadata.
Basically put all of the sound in two channels and then tell the player which sound from which channel to send to which speaker.

518.12.2008 16:11

sounds great, i will buy it if the price won't be high

620.12.2008 0:24

you will still need at least a two channel system with a sub-woofer

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