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ProgDVB v7.17.9

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
ProgDVB is a software which allows you to watch (DVB-S) satellite television and listen to radio channels directly from satellite by using DVB-PCI cards with hardware decoders on the board, satellite dish, and personal x86-compatible computers with Windows 98, 2000 and XP systems. This software has options for working with network broadcasting and Audio/Video recording of the stream to different digital-media formats.

At the present moment work on the following cards is possible:
  • Aver DVB-S
  • BroadLogic 2030/1030
  • Netcast DVB
  • Pinnacle PCTV Sat (driver >=260)
  • Sky Star 1 (Nexus; the driver 2.x from TechnoTrend)
  • Sky Star 2 USB or PCI (the driver 4.22 and is higher)
  • Telemann Skymedia 300 DVB (not official)
  • TwinHan compatible (VisionDTV, Power Color, INCA Digital Tv, Chaintech, ...)
  • WinTV NOVA (Budget) USB or PCI
  • St@rKey usb box
  • Cards with BDA driver (With some cards problems are possible)


ProgDVB v6.90 ProgDVB v6.60.6

Other editions:

progdvb satellite dvb-s sat-television dvb-pci dvb tv

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 17 Mar 2017
Downloads 182,822
File size 17.30 MB (< 3min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

17 Mar 2017ProgDVB v7.17.9(Latest stable version)
09 Mar 2017ProgDVB v7.17.8
05 Mar 2017ProgDVB v7.17.7
17 Feb 2017ProgDVB v7.17.6
03 Feb 2017ProgDVB v7.17.4
20 Jan 2017ProgDVB v7.17.3
08 Jan 2017ProgDVB v7.17.2
17 Dec 2016ProgDVB v7.17.1
27 Nov 2016ProgDVB v7.16.9
13 Nov 2016ProgDVB v7.16.6
30 Oct 2016ProgDVB v7.16.5
15 Oct 2016ProgDVB v7.16.4
24 Sep 2016ProgDVB v7.16.3
10 Sep 2016ProgDVB v7.16.2
28 Aug 2016ProgDVB v7.16.0
16 Aug 2016ProgDVB v7.15.2
31 Jul 2016ProgDVB v7.15.1
28 Jul 2016ProgDVB v7.15.0
10 Jul 2016ProgDVB v7.14.6
23 Jun 2016ProgDVB v7.14.3
04 Jun 2016ProgDVB v7.14.2
23 May 2016ProgDVB v7.14.1
05 May 2016ProgDVB v7.13.2
09 Apr 2016ProgDVB v7.13.1
27 Mar 2016ProgDVB v7.13.0
19 Feb 2016ProgDVB v7.12.7
03 Feb 2016ProgDVB v7.12.6
23 Jan 2016ProgDVB v7.12.5
09 Jan 2016ProgDVB v7.12.3
07 Jan 2016ProgDVB v7.12.2
05 Jan 2016ProgDVB v7.12.1
13 Dec 2015ProgDVB v7.12.0
03 Dec 2015ProgDVB v7.11.6
14 Nov 2015ProgDVB v7.11.5
23 Oct 2015ProgDVB v7.11.4
16 Oct 2015ProgDVB v7.11.3
01 Oct 2015ProgDVB v7.11.2
20 Sep 2015ProgDVB v7.11.1
13 Sep 2015ProgDVB v7.11.0
31 Aug 2015ProgDVB v7.10.7
25 Aug 2015ProgDVB v7.10.6
20 Aug 2015ProgDVB v7.10.5
16 Aug 2015ProgDVB v7.10.4
01 Aug 2015ProgDVB v7.10.3
31 Jul 2015ProgDVB v7.10.2
21 May 2015ProgDVB v7.09.2
16 May 2015ProgDVB v7.09.1
06 May 2015ProgDVB v7.09.0
03 May 2015ProgDVB v7.08.9
12 Apr 2015ProgDVB v7.08.8
27 Mar 2015ProgDVB v7.08.7
13 Mar 2015ProgDVB v7.08.6
02 Mar 2015ProgDVB v7.08.5
24 Feb 2015ProgDVB v7.08.3
20 Feb 2015ProgDVB v7.08.2
15 Feb 2015ProgDVB v7.08.1
26 Jan 2015ProgDVB v7.08.0
09 Jan 2015ProgDVB v7.07.9
24 Dec 2014ProgDVB v7.07.8
14 Dec 2014ProgDVB v7.07.7
13 Dec 2014ProgDVB v7.07.6
16 Nov 2014ProgDVB v7.07.5
08 Nov 2014ProgDVB v7.07.4
30 Oct 2014ProgDVB v7.07.3
19 Oct 2014ProgDVB v7.07.2
10 Oct 2014ProgDVB v7.07.1
03 Oct 2014ProgDVB v7.07.0
28 Sep 2014ProgDVB v7.06.9
19 Sep 2014ProgDVB v7.06.8
06 Sep 2014ProgDVB v7.06.7
26 Aug 2014ProgDVB v7.06.6
15 Aug 2014ProgDVB v7.06.5
25 Jul 2014ProgDVB v7.06.4
21 Jul 2014ProgDVB v7.06.3
19 Jul 2014ProgDVB v7.06.2
18 Jul 2014ProgDVB v7.06.1
11 Jul 2014ProgDVB v7.06.0
04 Jul 2014ProgDVB v7.05.8
27 Jun 2014ProgDVB v7.05.7
22 Jun 2014ProgDVB v7.05.6
13 Jun 2014ProgDVB v7.05.5
07 Jun 2014ProgDVB v7.05.4
30 May 2014ProgDVB v7.05.3
23 May 2014ProgDVB v7.05.2
17 May 2014ProgDVB v7.05.1
08 May 2014ProgDVB v7.05
26 Apr 2014ProgDVB v7.04.3
18 Apr 2014ProgDVB v7.04.2
11 Apr 2014ProgDVB v7.04.1
04 Apr 2014ProgDVB v7.04
29 Mar 2014ProgDVB v7.03.1
21 Mar 2014ProgDVB v7.03
14 Mar 2014ProgDVB v7.02.6
07 Mar 2014ProgDVB v7.02.5
01 Mar 2014ProgDVB v7.02.4
23 Feb 2014ProgDVB v7.02.3
14 Feb 2014ProgDVB v7.02.2
07 Feb 2014ProgDVB v7.02.1
31 Jan 2014ProgDVB v7.02
25 Jan 2014ProgDVB v7.01.1
25 Jan 2014ProgDVB v7.01
20 Jan 2014ProgDVB v7.00
11 Jan 2014ProgDVB v6.97.3f (pre-release)
25 Dec 2013ProgDVB v6.97.2
24 Dec 2013ProgDVB v6.97.1
20 Dec 2013ProgDVB v6.97.0
14 Dec 2013ProgDVB v6.96.4
08 Dec 2013ProgDVB v6.96.3
29 Nov 2013ProgDVB v6.96.2
22 Nov 2013ProgDVB v6.96.1
16 Nov 2013ProgDVB v6.96
02 Nov 2013ProgDVB v6.95.9
19 Oct 2013ProgDVB v6.95.8
11 Oct 2013ProgDVB v6.95.7
06 Oct 2013ProgDVB v6.95.6
02 Oct 2013ProgDVB v6.95.5
30 Sep 2013ProgDVB v6.95.4
16 Sep 2013ProgDVB v6.95.3
23 Aug 2013ProgDVB v6.95.2
20 Aug 2013ProgDVB v6.95.1
25 Jul 2013ProgDVB v6.94.6
20 Jul 2013ProgDVB v6.94.5
28 Jun 2013ProgDVB v6.94.4
25 Jun 2013ProgDVB v6.94.3
21 Jun 2013ProgDVB v6.94.2
17 Jun 2013ProgDVB v6.94.1
16 Jun 2013ProgDVB v6.94
15 May 2013ProgDVB v6.93.1
06 May 2013ProgDVB v6.93
29 Apr 2013ProgDVB v6.92.8
23 Apr 2013ProgDVB v6.92.7
07 Apr 2013ProgDVB v6.92.6
31 Mar 2013ProgDVB v6.92.5
22 Mar 2013ProgDVB v6.92.4
15 Mar 2013ProgDVB v6.92.3
08 Mar 2013ProgDVB v6.92.2
18 Feb 2013ProgDVB v6.92.1
07 Feb 2013ProgDVB v6.92
28 Jan 2013ProgDVB v6.91.9
22 Jan 2013ProgDVB v6.91.8
17 Jan 2013ProgDVB v6.91.7
07 Jan 2013ProgDVB v6.91.6
21 Dec 2012ProgDVB v6.91.5
16 Dec 2012ProgDVB v6.91.4
05 Dec 2012ProgDVB v6.91.3
30 Nov 2012ProgDVB v6.91.2
23 Nov 2012ProgDVB v6.91.1
18 Nov 2012ProgDVB v6.91.0
10 Nov 2012ProgDVB v6.90.1
04 Nov 2012ProgDVB v6.90
06 Oct 2012ProgDVB v6.87.6
29 Sep 2012ProgDVB v6.87.5
12 Sep 2012ProgDVB v6.87.4
10 Sep 2012ProgDVB v6.87.3
04 Sep 2012ProgDVB v6.87.2
27 Aug 2012ProgDVB v6.87.1
25 Aug 2012ProgDVB v6.87
10 Aug 2012ProgDVB v6.86.4
05 Aug 2012ProgDVB v6.86.3
01 Aug 2012ProgDVB v6.86.2
28 Jul 2012ProgDVB v6.86.1
21 Jul 2012ProgDVB v6.86
16 Jul 2012ProgDVB v6.85.8
07 Jul 2012ProgDVB v6.85.7
01 Jul 2012ProgDVB v6.85.6
28 Jun 2012ProgDVB v6.85.5
17 Jun 2012ProgDVB v6.85.4
10 Jun 2012ProgDVB v6.85.3
04 Jun 2012ProgDVB v6.85.2
28 May 2012ProgDVB v6.85.1
26 May 2012ProgDVB v6.85
14 May 2012ProgDVB v6.84.5
30 Apr 2012ProgDVB v6.84.3
10 Apr 2012ProgDVB v6.84.2
25 Mar 2012ProgDVB v6.84.1
17 Mar 2012ProgDVB v6.84
12 Mar 2012ProgDVB v6.83.4
27 Feb 2012ProgDVB v6.83.3
17 Feb 2012ProgDVB v6.83.2
07 Feb 2012ProgDVB v6.83.1
04 Feb 2012ProgDVB v6.83
21 Jan 2012ProgDVB v6.82.1
15 Jan 2012ProgDVB v6.82
27 Dec 2011ProgDVB v6.81
21 Dec 2011ProgDVB v6.80.3
10 Dec 2011ProgDVB v6.80.2
03 Dec 2011ProgDVB v6.80.1
27 Nov 2011ProgDVB v6.80
19 Nov 2011ProgDVB v6.74
12 Nov 2011ProgDVB v6.73.4
05 Nov 2011ProgDVB v6.73.3
01 Nov 2011ProgDVB v6.73.1
29 Oct 2011ProgDVB v6.73
24 Oct 2011ProgDVB v6.72.8
22 Oct 2011ProgDVB v6.72.7
18 Oct 2011ProgDVB v6.72.6
15 Oct 2011ProgDVB v6.72.5
08 Oct 2011ProgDVB v6.72.3
03 Oct 2011ProgDVB v6.72.2
24 Sep 2011ProgDVB v6.72.1
17 Sep 2011ProgDVB v6.72
11 Sep 2011ProgDVB v6.71.1
27 Aug 2011ProgDVB v6.70.6
22 Aug 2011ProgDVB v6.70.5
13 Aug 2011ProgDVB v6.70.3
07 Aug 2011ProgDVB v6.65.2
24 Jul 2011ProgDVB v6.65
02 Jul 2011ProgDVB v6.63.10
26 Jun 2011ProgDVB v6.63.9
20 Jun 2011ProgDVB v6.63.8
11 Jun 2011ProgDVB v6.63.7
03 Jun 2011ProgDVB v6.63.6
26 May 2011ProgDVB v6.63.5
22 May 2011ProgDVB v6.63.4
17 May 2011ProgDVB v6.63.2
09 Apr 2011ProgDVB v6.61.3
02 Apr 2011ProgDVB v6.61.2
26 Mar 2011ProgDVB v6.61.1
19 Mar 2011ProgDVB v6.61
13 Mar 2011ProgDVB v6.60.7
10 Mar 2011ProgDVB v6.60.6
04 Mar 2011ProgDVB v6.60.5
26 Feb 2011ProgDVB v6.60.4
19 Feb 2011ProgDVB v6.60.2
14 Feb 2011ProgDVB v6.60
05 Feb 2011ProgDVB v6.51.7
29 Jan 2011ProgDVB v6.51.6
23 Jan 2011ProgDVB v6.51.4
15 Jan 2011ProgDVB v6.51.3
12 Jan 2011ProgDVB v6.51.2
04 Jan 2011ProgDVB v6.51.1
25 Dec 2010ProgDVB v6.50.1
18 Dec 2010ProgDVB v6.50
11 Dec 2010ProgDVB v6.49.9
04 Dec 2010ProgDVB v6.49.8
27 Nov 2010ProgDVB v6.49.7
21 Nov 2010ProgDVB v6.49.6
20 Nov 2010ProgDVB v6.49.5
13 Nov 2010ProgDVB v6.49.4
07 Nov 2010ProgDVB v6.49.3
06 Nov 2010ProgDVB v6.49.2
30 Oct 2010ProgDVB v6.49
23 Oct 2010ProgDVB v6.48.4
15 Oct 2010ProgDVB v6.48.3
09 Oct 2010ProgDVB v6.48.2
05 Oct 2010ProgDVB v6.48.1
03 Oct 2010ProgDVB v6.48
05 Sep 2010ProgDVB v6.46.6
30 Aug 2010ProgDVB v6.46.5
19 Aug 2010ProgDVB v6.46.2
12 Aug 2010ProgDVB v6.45.4
27 Jul 2010ProgDVB v6.45.3
10 Jul 2010ProgDVB v6.45
03 Jul 2010ProgDVB v6.44
25 Jun 2010ProgDVB v6.43.2
21 Jun 2010ProgDVB v6.43.1
19 Jun 2010ProgDVB v6.43
13 Jun 2010ProgDVB v6.42.5
07 Jun 2010ProgDVB v6.42.1
29 May 2010ProgDVB v6.41.1
22 May 2010ProgDVB v6.40.4
20 May 2010ProgDVB v6.40.3
07 May 2010ProgDVB v6.34.3
28 Apr 2010ProgDVB v6.34.2
14 Apr 2010ProgDVB v6.34
11 Apr 2010ProgDVB v6.33.1
25 Mar 2010ProgDVB v6.33
16 Mar 2010ProgDVB v6.32.8
22 Feb 2010ProgDVB v6.32.6
02 Feb 2010ProgDVB v6.32.4
31 Jan 2010ProgDVB v6.32.1
27 Jan 2010ProgDVB v6.31.4
23 Jan 2010ProgDVB v6.31.3
15 Jan 2010ProgDVB v6.31.1
08 Jan 2010ProgDVB v6.30.3
30 Dec 2009ProgDVB v6.30
20 Dec 2009ProgDVB v6.25.4
07 Dec 2009ProgDVB v6.25.1
06 Dec 2009ProgDVB v6.25
27 Nov 2009ProgDVB v6.24.1
21 Nov 2009ProgDVB v6.24
12 Nov 2009ProgDVB v6.23.2
06 Nov 2009ProgDVB v6.23.1
29 Oct 2009ProgDVB v6.23
22 Oct 2009ProgDVB v6.22.1
21 Oct 2009ProgDVB v6.22
12 Oct 2009ProgDVB v6.21.1
03 Oct 2009ProgDVB v6.21
26 Sep 2009ProgDVB v6.20.5
20 Sep 2009ProgDVB v6.20.4
10 Sep 2009ProgDVB v6.20.3
06 Sep 2009ProgDVB v6.20.2
02 Sep 2009ProgDVB v6.20.1
25 Aug 2009ProgDVB v6.12.1
22 Aug 2009ProgDVB v6.12
16 Aug 2009ProgDVB v6.11.8
08 Aug 2009ProgDVB v6.11.7
03 Aug 2009ProgDVB v6.11.6
31 Jul 2009ProgDVB v6.11.4
27 Jul 2009ProgDVB v6.11.3
19 Jul 2009ProgDVB v6.11.1
16 Jul 2009ProgDVB v6.11
04 Jul 2009ProgDVB v6.10.2
27 Jun 2009ProgDVB v6.10.1
23 Jun 2009ProgDVB v6.10
08 Jun 2009ProgDVB v6.06.5
30 May 2009ProgDVB v6.06.4
24 May 2009ProgDVB v6.06.3
16 May 2009ProgDVB v6.06.2
07 May 2009ProgDVB v6.06.1
25 Apr 2009ProgDVB v6.06
08 Apr 2009ProgDVB v6.05.02
28 Mar 2009ProgDVB v6.05.01
11 Mar 2009ProgDVB v6.05
07 Mar 2009ProgDVB v6.04.06
28 Feb 2009ProgDVB v6.04.04
17 Feb 2009ProgDVB v6.04.03
14 Feb 2009ProgDVB v6.04.02
06 Feb 2009ProgDVB v6.04.01
29 Jan 2009ProgDVB v6.04
23 Jan 2009ProgDVB v6.03.04
17 Jan 2009ProgDVB v6.03.03
07 Jan 2009ProgDVB v6.03.01
02 Jan 2009ProgDVB v6.03
26 Dec 2008ProgDVB v6.02.03
25 Dec 2008ProgDVB v6.02.02
07 Dec 2008ProgDVB v6.02
15 Dec 2008ProgDVB v6.02.01
06 Oct 2008ProgDVB v5.16.1
03 Nov 2008ProgDVB v6.01
18 Oct 2008ProgDVB v6.0 Test
12 Oct 2008ProgDVB v5.16.2
31 Aug 2008ProgDVB v5.15.9
27 Sep 2008ProgDVB v5.16
19 Sep 2008ProgDVB v5.15.11
13 Sep 2008ProgDVB v5.15.10
24 Aug 2008ProgDVB v5.15.8
01 Jun 2008ProgDVB v5.14.8
25 May 2008ProgDVB v5.14.7
19 May 2008ProgDVB v5.14.6
05 May 2008ProgDVB v5.14.5
16 Apr 2008ProgDVB v5.14.4
06 Apr 2008ProgDVB v5.14.3
25 Mar 2008ProgDVB v5.14.1
23 Mar 2008ProgDVB v5.14
18 Mar 2008ProgDVB v5.13.9
07 Mar 2008ProgDVB v5.13.8
02 Mar 2008ProgDVB v5.13.7
24 Feb 2008ProgDVB v5.13.6
02 Mar 2008ProgDVB v5.13.7
11 Feb 2008ProgDVB v5.13.4
01 Feb 2008ProgDVB v5.13.1
08 Feb 2008ProgDVB v5.13.3
26 Jan 2008ProgDVB v5.13
19 Jan 2008ProgDVB v5.12.10
14 Jan 2008ProgDVB v5.12.9
12 Jan 2008ProgDVB v5.12.8
05 Jan 2008ProgDVB v5.12.7
28 Dec 2007ProgDVB v5.12.6
25 Dec 2007ProgDVB v5.12.5
05 Dec 2007ProgDVB v5.12.4
25 Nov 2007ProgDVB v5.12.2
01 Dec 2007ProgDVB v5.12.3
24 Nov 2007ProgDVB v5.12.1
16 Nov 2007ProgDVB v5.12
09 Nov 2007ProgDVB v5.11.9
03 Nov 2007ProgDVB v5.11.8
01 Nov 2007ProgDVB v5.11.7.1
31 Oct 2007ProgDVB v5.11.7
26 Oct 2007ProgDVB v5.11.6
19 Oct 2007ProgDVB v5.11.5
14 Oct 2007ProgDVB v5.11.3
05 Oct 2007ProgDVB v5.11.2
29 Sep 2007ProgDVB v5.11.1
25 Sep 2007ProgDVB v5.11
13 Sep 2007ProgDVB v5.10.03 Test
07 Sep 2007ProgDVB v5.10.02 Test
13 Jul 2007ProgDVB v5.09.2 (Test version)
02 Jul 2007ProgDVB v5.09.1 (Test version)
14 Jun 2007ProgDVB v5.09 (Test version)
10 May 2007ProgDVB v5.08.03 (Test version)
04 May 2007ProgDVB v5.08.02 (Test version)
22 Apr 2007ProgDVB v5.08.01
20 Apr 2007ProgDVB v5.08 (Test version)
13 Apr 2007ProgDVB v5.07.04
10 Apr 2007ProgDVB v5.07.3 (Test version)
08 Apr 2007ProgDVB v5.07.2 (Test version)
06 Apr 2007ProgDVB v5.07 (Test version)
31 Mar 2007ProgDVB v5.06 (Test version)
25 Mar 2007ProgDVB v5.05.04 (Test version)
13 Mar 2007ProgDVB v5.05 (Test version)
21 Mar 2007ProgDVB v5.05.02 (Test Version)
21 Mar 2007ProgDVB v5.05.1 (Test version)
08 Mar 2007ProgDVB v5.04.01 (Test version)
07 Mar 2007ProgDVB v5.04 (Test version)
03 Mar 2007ProgDVB v5.03 (Test version)
07 Mar 2007ProgDVB v5.04 (Test version)
28 Feb 2007ProgDVB v5.02 (Test version)
24 Feb 2007ProgDVB v5.01.02 (Test version)
20 Feb 2007ProgDVB v5.0.1 (Test version)
18 Feb 2007ProgDVB v5.00.06 (Test version)
17 Feb 2007ProgDVB v5.00.05 (Test version)
11 Feb 2007ProgDVB v5.00.04 (Test version)
08 Feb 2007ProgDVB v5.00.03 (Test version)
06 Feb 2007ProgDVB v5.00.02 (Test version)
05 Feb 2007ProgDVB v5.00.01 (Test version)
15 Dec 2008ProgDVB v4.92.3
03 Nov 2008ProgDVB v4.92.2
18 Oct 2008ProgDVB v4.92
27 Sep 2008ProgDVB v4.91.12
12 Oct 2008ProgDVB v4.91.14
19 Sep 2008ProgDVB v4.91.11
13 Sep 2008ProgDVB v4.91.10
31 Aug 2008ProgDVB v4.91.9
24 Aug 2008ProgDVB v4.91.8
01 Jun 2008ProgDVB v4.90.8
25 May 2008ProgDVB v4.90.7
19 May 2008ProgDVB v4.90.6
05 May 2008ProgDVB v4.90.5
16 Apr 2008ProgDVB v4.90.4
06 Apr 2008ProgDVB v4.90.3
25 Mar 2008ProgDVB v4.90.1
23 Mar 2008ProgDVB v4.90
18 Mar 2008ProgDVB v4.89.9
07 Mar 2008ProgDVB v4.89.8
02 Mar 2008ProgDVB v4.89.7
24 Feb 2008ProgDVB v4.89.6
11 Feb 2008ProgDVB v4.89.4
08 Feb 2008ProgDVB v4.89.3
01 Feb 2008ProgDVB v4.89.1
26 Jan 2008ProgDVB v4.89
19 Jan 2008ProgDVB v4.88.10
14 Jan 2008ProgDVB v4.88.9
12 Jan 2008ProgDVB v4.88.8
05 Jan 2008ProgDVB v4.88.7
28 Dec 2007ProgDVB v4.88.6
25 Dec 2007ProgDVB v4.88.5
05 Dec 2007ProgDVB v4.88.4
01 Dec 2007ProgDVB v4.88.3
25 Nov 2007ProgDVB v4.88.2
24 Nov 2007ProgDVB v4.88.1
16 Nov 2007ProgDVB v4.88
09 Nov 2007ProgDVB v4.87.9
03 Nov 2007ProgDVB v4.87.8
31 Oct 2007ProgDVB v4.87.7
26 Oct 2007ProgDVB v4.87.6
19 Oct 2007ProgDVB v4.87.5
14 Oct 2007ProgDVB v4.87.3
05 Oct 2007ProgDVB v4.87.2
13 Jul 2007ProgDVB v4.85.3
02 Jul 2007ProgDVB v4.85.2
04 May 2007ProgDVB v4.85.1
20 Apr 2007ProgDVB v4.85
13 Apr 2007ProgDVB v4.84.3
08 Apr 2007ProgDVB v4.84.2
06 Apr 2007ProgDVB v4.84.1
31 Mar 2007ProgDVB v4.84
21 Mar 2007ProgDVB v4.83.4
21 Mar 2007ProgDVB v4.83.3
09 Mar 2007ProgDVB v4.83.2
08 Mar 2007ProgDVB v4.83.1
07 Mar 2007ProgDVB v4.83
03 Mar 2007ProgDVB v4.82.4
24 Feb 2007ProgDVB v4.82.3
14 Feb 2007ProgDVB v4.82.1
03 Feb 2007ProgDVB v4.82
17 Jan 2007ProgDVB v4.81.1
09 Jan 2007ProgDVB v4.81
08 Dec 2006ProgDVB v4.80.5
26 Nov 2006ProgDVB v4.80.4
18 Nov 2006ProgDVB v4.80.3
10 Nov 2006ProgDVB v4.80.1
04 Nov 2006ProgDVB v4.80
28 Oct 2006ProgDVB v4.79.7
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ProgDVB v5.14.5

Does anybody know what Control Bx will work with Dish Network, Satellite Dish and this program. I'm new and investigating all possible solutions, and I already have the dish and wiring hooked up

ProgDVB v5.12.10

ProgDVB was fairly average and buggy when I was looking around for decent PVR software and tried it (most supplied PVRs are complete garbage). <br/> <br/>As an alternative, DVBViewer is by far the best PVR software out of all the many I tried.

ProgDVB v5.12.10

Is their some sort of list that tell U just what U can recieve..Also I've got a functioning Dish Network Dish. What other equipment would I need to work with this

ProgDVB v4.80.4

I use 4.77 with a Freecom USB DVB-T receiver and the downloadable BDA drivers from the freecom website.

This software is far better than that provided with the DVB stick or PowerCinema. Can't comment on Arcsoft Totalmedia,but this should also work with BDA drivers.

And PROGDVB has a major advantage in that it is free and also has a user forum.

My biggest gripe with Prog is that subtitles are activated automatically. No big deal? well... thing is if the subtitle module is ticked I get an extremely annoying "doop" noise every two seconds.(the noise you get on XP if a program fails to open)so i think subtitles should be not be ticked as default.

Positives are, once i got rid of the bleep,it picked up around fifty seven radio, digital TV and top up channels.

It can record to a schedule, but mute your speakers if its after midnight, or you will be encouraged by your spouse to do so in the middle of the night.

The electronic program guide works well, you can have full screen, window or detail view modes.

You can also rename the channels and then re-sort to your convenience.

This is an excellent piece of software and free, so support the author where you can.

It may be advisable to wait till a release is "stable" before you use. I've had a few instantaneous reboots when using the latest releases, but it is a live work in progress.

4.77 is stable and works great, even without a PCI card.

ProgDVB v4.78.1

I use this software with a Skystar 2 pci card. The software works really well with this card. Video/record quality is great, depending on the channel bit rate of course. The good thing about this software is that doesn’t need much in the way of configuration, I have tried other software which needs video and audio codec's to even get a picture.

Overall a very nice piece of software.

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