AfterDawn HDTV Buyer's Guide

If you've gone to the local electronics or discount store, or even done some online window shopping for a HDTV you very likely came away feeling like you knew less than before you started shopping. Even if you know the basics of HDTV LCD, plasma, and/or DLP techology you still have to eventually narrow down your choices to a single model that you're going to purchase. The AfterDawn HDTV Buyer's Guide is here to help. While we won't be able to tell you what HDTVs to look at, we can give you some advice to point you in the right direction.

Although this guide is written with the first time HDTV buyer in mind, if you've already purchased your first HDTV and still feel you could use some education on the subject it can still be a useful tool. Rather than the technology, which you can learn about in our guide titled Getting Started With HDTV, we'll focus on how to take what you know, along with your budget, and focus in on a group of HDTVs that fits your needs. The last section gives some tips for narrowing that list down to a final selection in the store. Although this may not be absolutely necessary if you're buying online it's always recommended that you take a look at any HDTV you're planning to buy in person. No amount of technical specs or third party reviews can match your own eyes. You'll probably be looking at your new HDTV for at least a few years so it's worth the effort to get the best looking TV (in your opinion) that's within your budget.

HDTV Technical Information

This guide only touches on the technical side of HDTV in vague terms, you can read our guides on HDTV Technology and High Definition Video and Audio for more detailed answers to questions about the technology.

Buyer's Tips

Along with detailed discussion about various aspects of HDTV technology, this guide includes some suggestions for evaluating a HDTV before you buy.

* These tips are highlighted so you can find them easily.
Written by: Rich Fiscus