Basic DVD Authoring Project Part 4b - Prepare PAL Video

So far in the Basic DVD Authoring Project we've downloaded and analyzed some video files. Then we demuxed the audio and encoded it as AC-3, leaving us with DVD Assets ready for authoring. Now it's time to turn our attention to the video. Like with the audio, there are some mandatory requirements for standards compliant video. Unlike audio, there are some additional options we need to consider to make sure we have the best quality possible that will still fit on a DVD.

This is the fourth guide for the Basic DVD Authoring Project. It's specific for PAL DVDs, so if you're making an NTSC disc you won't need to read this, and shouldn't follow the instructions here unless you're making a PAL disc. If you're not already familiar with the project you may want to start with the first guide in the series.

Required Software

TIVTC AviSynth Plugin
ColorMatrix AviSynth Plugin
Haali Media Splitter

Basic DVD Authoring Project guides:

Written by: Rich Fiscus