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Catalog Your Movie Collection

The constantly increasing size of home video collections has created a market for software to keep track of what you own. There are a number of good programs for the job, each with its own unique advantages and drawbacks. In this guide we'll look at four programs with very different approaches to the job and learn how to add movies, view and edit details, and print a variety of reports.

The four programs we'll be covering are Ant Movie Catalog, DVD Profiler, Movie Collector (and Movie Collector Pro), and All My Movies. Ant Movie Catalog is free, while DVD Profiler comes in both a free and Pro version. Movie Collector comes in both Standard (commercial) and Pro (more expensive) versions. All My Movies is also commercial software.

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Catalog your movies - 5 programs compared

All of these programs have a couple of things in common. All include the capability to look up movies online. Some take advantage of third party services offered by websites like IMDB and Amazon. Others rely on user-submitted information stored in a private repository.

All four programs also have the capability to print information about your collection, ranging from simple lists to detailed descriptions with accompanying graphics to individual DVD covers. In some cases you can even create your own custom printer output.

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We'll start with the free Ant Movie Catalog

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Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Ant Movie Catalog
  3. 3. DVD Profiler
  4. 4. Movie Collector
  5. 5. All My Movies
Written by: Rich Fiscus