Convert MKV files for iPhone, iPod Touch using SUPER

In this guide I will teach you how to convert those MKV video files to a file that is playable on your brand new, shiny, Apple iPhone or iPod Touch using the excellent, simple to use, freeware application SUPER. We will first learn how to use MediaInfo to find out the details of our video and then use SUPER to convert it with quality that rivals the original video file's quality.


There are a few requirements for this guide, two programs, the video file, enough hard drive space to fit the video file and the reencoded output, and of course an iPod Touch or iPhone to play the outputted file on.

SUPER- This is the main program will be using for the guide, and it is completely free.

Media Info- Media Info, which is also free, will give us a quick and easy way to see the full details of our video file, including the framerate, bitrate and other essentials that we will need later when we are using SUPER.

The high quality MKV file you wish to convert to play on the iPod Touch or iPhone.

Enough hard drive space to hold the original file and the encoded one.

Thats all thats required for this guide so make the jump to the next page where I will show you how to get all your video information using Media Info.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction and Requirements
  2. 2. Using Media Info
  3. 3. Re-encoding using SUPER
Written by: Andre Yoskowitz