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DVD to AVC with MeGUI Part 2

In Part 1 of our DVD to AVC with MeGUI series we started by creating a D2V project that will allow AviSynth to read it and frameserve to the x264 video encoder. This guide will look at creation of the AviSynth script for MeGUI to provede as a source. In addition to passing frames for video encoding, AviSynth is also commonly used to resize and deinterlace video. In this guide we'll look at many of the features in MeGUI's AviSynth script creator, as well as what settings are necessary.

Preparing Video For Specialized Hardware

If you're encoding video for devices like mobile phones or portable media players (such as an iPod) there may be specific limits you'll need to know to create your script. You may need to reduce the resolution to 320x240 or make sure to deinterlace. Rather than attempt to cover the settings for every possible type of hardware we'll be concentrating on creating output suitable for computer (desktop, laptop, HTPC, etc,...) playback. If you'll be playing your output with other hardware ou may need to do additional research to determine how to set various options correctly to ensure compatibility.

Required Software


MeGUI is a front end, or GUI, for encoding MPEG-4 video using XviD or x264, as well as a variety of audio formats. MeGUI can be used to convert nearly any source to a MKV or MP4 file which can be played on a large number of consumer electronics devices ranging from mobile phones to the latest generation of DVD players. To get started with MeGUI you can read our guide on MeGUI Installation and Configuration.


AviSynth is a powerful open source editor, commonly used to provide input for encoders such as Cinemacraft Encoder for MPEG-2 and x264 for AVC. MeGUI uses AviSynth for providing x264 with video to encode as well as a variety of editing functions. You can find more information on AviSynth in our guide on Using AviSynth 2.5. It includes not only basic instructions for AviSynth, but also descriptions of a number of built-in filters, as well as third party plugins.

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We'll start by taking a look at MeGUI's AviSynth basic script editing. Besides opening your DVD source AviSynth is also used for deinterlacing and resizing.

Page 2 - Using the AviSynth Script Creator

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Written by: Rich Fiscus