Zones specify ranges of frames to be encoded at different bitrates. This is useful for things like encoding credits at a lower bitrate. If you don't set any zones the entire file will be encoded at the same bitrate. To set a zone, first you must specify the amount of bitrate to be used. For full bitrate (as set on the Main tab) use a value of 1.0. For lower bitrates, use the number you want to multiply the full bitrate by. For example, a value of 0.5 will give you half of the full bitrate or a value of 0.7 will give you 70%.

Once the value is set you need to navigate to the frame where you want the zone to start and click the button marked set zone. To clear a single zone mark, highlight it by clicking on it select remove zone, and to clear all zones click clear zone list. The list marked frame | value tells you the starting point of each zone, and the bitrate multiple for that section. Each one continues until the frame before the next one in the list.

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Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Main Tab
  3. 3. Settings 1 Tab
  4. 4. Settings 2 Tab
  5. 5. Matrix Tab
  6. 6. Preview/Chapters Tab
  7. 7. Preview/Zones Tab
Written by: Rich Fiscus