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Stream SopCast video to Nintendo Wii

In this article we will cover streaming video content from the P2P-based TV sharing program SopCast to the Nintendo Wii console, using TVersity as a media sharing server and VLC to prepare the stream.

Introduction & Requirements

Software you must download and install
Required: Download and install SopCast on your computer. Download!
VLC Media Player
Required: Download and install VLC Media Player on your computer. Download!
Required: Download and install TVersity Media Server on your computer. Download!

Obviously you will need a Nintendo Wii console for this article. You will also need the Wii Internet Channel (web browser) installed on your Wii console, and you will need the console to be connected to a wireless network (with a proper wifi router, not just an access point). This guide also uses TVersity Media Server but it does not cover fully installing or configuring it, however it still should work just fine if you just follow these instructions. Install all of the software.

What does this article do?

You are most likely familiar with what exactly SopCast is already, but in case you arent, it is a P2P-based TV sharing application. Television channels are shared by a source and spread using P2P technology among viewers, so like P2P networks, when you are downloading and viewing you are also uploading simultaneously to others. The quality can range from very poor to excellent depending on the feed that you get. There are many websites setup where people share channels with SopCast and the quality is rated by viewers.

Run the SopCast installer. It is very straight-forward. Once it is done, run the application and login anonymously. Double-click any channel to play it or find a channel on a TV sharing site like Once you have done that, we are already finished with the SopCast part. On the next page we will setup VLC Media Player to create a feed for TVersity, which will then feed it directly to the Nintendo Wii over your wireless network.

What Next?

We have completed all the necessary setup processes, move to the next page.

Page 2 - Setup stream with VLC--> Move to the next page where we will setup a stream with VLC Media Player that can be fed to TVersity.

Stream SopCast video to Nintendo Wii Viewing Page 1 -- Go To

Table of Contents

  1. 1. age 1 - Introduction, Requirements & Installation
  2. 2. Page 2 - Setup stream with VLC
  3. 3. Page 3 - Add video feed to TVersity
  4. 4. Page 4 - Play SopCast video on Nintendo Wii
Written by: James Delahunty