Basic TMPGEnc DVD Author Guide

This is a guide to using TMPGEnc DVD Author. TMPGEnc DVD Author is not an encoder, you have to supply it with encoded video and audio files for it to create DVD files for you. TMPGEnc DVD Author can then burn the files for you, but you can use any burning software you wish. A warning must go out to all that this is a newbie guide. This guide is TMPGEnc DVD Author at it's most basic. It assumes you have only 1 movie to put on DVDR and that you've no plans to create a menu. If you are not new to DVD Authoring, a more advanced guide will be appropriate.

What exactly are we aiming for?

We are aiming to create a DVD disc (DVD-R, DVD R) from an encoded video file and audio file that you have. The resulting DVD will have no menu but we will add chapters to the movie itself. TMPGEnc DVD Author is considered the newbie's choice in DVD Authoring software, by making a task like authoring a DVD as simple as it can be. There are other options for Authoring too, but if you are new to Authoring, then I suggest you continue with this guide.

What you will need

TMPGEnc DVD Author - Download trial from AfterDawn software section.

You will also need to have a DVD Complaint Video and Audio file. MPEG-2 or MPEG-1 video is accepted but only with the resolutions, 704x576 (PAL), 704x480 (NTSC), 352x288 (PAL) and 352x240 (NTSC). For best results with audio, use AC3 audio, but TMPGEnc DVD Author will also accept MP2 audio (however, some complain that MP2 audio and NTSC aren't fully compatible.) Remember you will also need a lot of space on your HDD. This guide works for both Single Layer (4.7GB) and Dual Layer (8.5GB). Having about 10GB free for Single Layer processing is recommended and having about 20GB free for Dual Layer processing is recommended.

Things to Remember

TMPGEnc DVD Author is in no way a professional DVD authoring solution. It is a wizard driven program aimed at making completing tasks simple. In this guide I have left out Menu creation as many people complain DVD author menu's do not work for their DVD player. I will, however, write another guide aimed solely at Menu creation with TMPGEnc DVD Author.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Settings and Project Preparation
  3. 3. Finish Authoring and Burn
Written by: James Delahunty