DVD Writing Tool

The DVD writing tool is very handy because you don't need to have used DVD Author Pro to create what you want to burn with it. It will burn from folders or ISO images or allow you to create ISO images you can burn later on.

It's a nice addition to the software title and it's extremely easy to use.


Click on any of the small screenshots to see it full size. In this review i have had to resize and crop images so to get an idea of the size and look of the Interface, check out all the pictures.

Finally and Conclusion

Having tested this software numerous times I have come to the conclusion that TSUNAMI MPEG DVD Author Pro is an excellent solution for all your DVD authoring needs. It's interface has remained as simple to follow as past versions of TMPGEnc DVD Author even with the inclusion of new features. It's fast and reliable. In all the tests I ran I didn't run into any bug trouble. It's also an affordable option. Similar software with less features and quality are often priced much higher.

I hope this simple review has given you some idea of TSUNAMI MPEG DVD Author Pro.

Version History

v1.0 -- 27th October, 2005, First version online (Dela)

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction & Requirements
  2. 2. Clips, Chapters and Slideshows
  3. 3. Menu Editing, Simulation & Output
  4. 4. DVD Writing, Screenshots & Conclusion
Written by: James Delahunty