Additional Filters

Additional filters, both internal and from plugins, will be added to this document in the future. Filters for resizing, deinterlacing, and other tasks will be included. Like the current descriptions, future additions will be primarily intended to provide a starting point. Almost any type of editing is possible with it as long as you know how to give proper instructions.

Version History

v1.0 2007.11.30 First version by Rich Fiscus
v1.1 2007.12.02 Formatting change to filter reference by Rich Fiscus
v1.2 2007.12.03 TIVTC added by Rich Fiscus
v1.3 2007.12.31 Resize, Crop, and AddBorders filters added by Rich Fiscus
v1.4 2009.03.03 Layout updated anchors added to all filters, Bob Deinterlacers, Changing Framerate, and Audio Filter pages added by Rich Fiscus
Written by: Rich Fiscus