Using AviSynth 2.5

Over the last several years many people have tried AviSynth for video editing and given up because it appears to be too difficult. It has a scripting, rather than visual, interface. This tends to make people uncomfortable using it. This is really a shame since nearly anyone is qualified to use it for basic editing.

This is intended to be a sort of living guide for using AviSynth that will grow over time to include fairly detailed instructions for using a variety of AviSynth features. It will be updated periodically to add details for additional filters and functions, as well as to stay current with the latest versions of AviSynth. It's divided into 3 basic sections. The first will explain a little about what AviSynth is and a little about where its headed. The second will explain how to install and begin using it. The final section, which will encompass the majority of the guide, will cover specific filters and functions.

Other AviSynth Guides

In addition to guides for AviSynth itself, Afterdawn has a pair of guides designed to help you use different script editing tools. Although AviSynth scripts can be written with nothing but a text editor (like Notepad), there are features in some specialized script editors, including autocompletion and preview tools, that make third party tools useful, particularly for more complex editing. Although our AVSEdit guide also contains information on AviSynth itself, it's best to stick to this document for that purpose since it will contain the most up to date data, and will continue to be updated in the future. The information in the AVSEdit guide is several years old and there are no plans to revise it, except possibly to remove it and refer back to this guide.

Digital Video Fundamentals

If you're new to digital video, or just want a refresher on the basics, you may want to start with our Digital Video Fundamentals guides before going any further. This series of guides covers basic subjects ranging from color to resolution and frame structure. These are all topics that you may need at least a fundamental grasp of in order to make the most out of AviSynth.
Written by: Rich Fiscus