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DIVX is dead!

Written by Jari Ketola @ 16 Jun 1999 3:58 User comments (7)

The much argued Divx format is now officially burried. Digital Video Express, LP announced today that it will cease marketing of Divx home video system and discontinue operations. According to Digital Video Express and Circuit City the main reason behind the decision was the lack of supports from studios and other retailers. Circuit City Stores, Inc. is incurring an after-tax loss of $114.0 million related to the disposal of the Divx business.
Digital Video Express will provide a $100 cash rebate to all consumers who have purchased Divx players prior to June 16, 1999. This rebate is due to the fact that Divx players have been more expensive than comparable DVD players.

Check out the press release from Digital Video Express, LP.

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7 user comments

18.8.2006 04:37

wow... 7 years later and DivX is one of the most common format.

28.8.2006 15:04

I still prefer XviD...

329.12.2006 11:48

Wow this article has come around to be false. DivX is the best format i think.

431.12.2006 06:37

DivX is a great format, second this.

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531.12.2006 11:17

"Divx is dead" Yeah right, as if. The movie industry wishes more like, idiots.

623.2.2007 05:39

Wow, 5 comments and nobody has noticed that it's about the ancient DIVX video rental system which is indeed long dead. As for the video codec, it's ass has been kicked by XviD -

72.4.2012 20:19
Unverified new user

Divx is dying.

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