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WinDAC v1.49 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 26 Jun 1999 9:06

Just added WinDAC v1.49 to our software archive. This new version includes following features & bugfixes:
Changes since Version 1.48:

Bugfix: The detection of the beginning of a track is termintated more quickly if a read error occurs at the beginning of a track
Bugfix: A rate of 2:1 between the read sectors and the sectors to be synchronized could result in an endless loop
Bugfix: It has been possible that the copy process hangs at the end due to a wrong calculated buffer level
Changed: The length of the last audio track of an CD-Extra CD is corrected
Changed: Improved detection of the available reading speeds
Changed: With the stop Button the CD will no longer spin down immediatly
Changed: The speed selection has been extended for the current Plextor CD-Writer models
Added: With Plextor CDROM drives (not with the CD-Writers) an enhanced error detection can be performed and if a problem has occured the data can be read again
Added: Now is is possible that the reading speed is automatically lowered if a read problem occurs

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