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TNT3 - A wet dream come true?

Written by Sami Lämsä @ 06 Jul 1999 3:33

Nvidia's next product TNT3/NV10 will propably deliver photorealistic dreams(or nightmares) to your home, in the form of games. In the article by Kristian H.Andersen he speculates possibilites of TNT3 and delivers information of TNT3, possibly most waited 3d chip ever.
Here are some highlights from the actual article:

"Nvidia has revealed TNT3/NV10 will have support for transform- and lightning acceleration - geometry acceleration - and thereby should photo-realistic graphic be possible on even the modest computers. - According to Nvidia's roadmap TNT3/NV10 will have 15,000,000 transistors on the same chip; the same amount as Intel's planned 800MHz Merced processor. Hence the massive numbers of transistors the micron will surely drop from 0.25 to 0.18 or even 0.15 allowing much higher clock rates. - Like Voodoo3 TNT3/NV10 will presumably be released in four different versions (or perhaps even five); an OEM-version with 16/32MB of RAM, a standard with 64MB, a standard ultra with 128MB, a professional with 192MB and perhaps an professional Special Edition with 256MB of RAM."

After these teasers, why not try actual article written by Andersen here

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