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Yamaha XG-Movie 5.1

Written by Jari Ketola @ 24 Sep 1999 13:14

Yamaha will be demonstrating it's upcoming XG-Movie 5.1(tm) Digital Surround Card to the public for the first time this weekend.
XG-Movie 5.1 supports Dolby (tm) Digital, and the high resolution DTS(tm) Digital Surround formats using Yamaha's YMF744 and YSS912 audio chips. The new audio card also privedes a variety of DSP surround effects using the YSS912.

XG-Movie 5.1 outputs 5.1 -channel audio (left, center, right, left-surround, right-surround, and LFE) that delivers cinema quality effects. The card accepts both analog and digital input sources, and also provides both digital and analog outputs with signal to noise ratio (SQNR) greater than 96dB.

Features of Yamaha XG-Movie 5.1 Sound Card
Complete DTS/Dolby Digital solution that takes S/PDIF DTS/Dolby Digital encoded digital data from the YMF744 and outputs 6 channels of audio (left, right, left-surround, right-surround, center and sub-woofer.)
Alternatively, takes 5 analog inputs (TAD, Mic, AUX, Video, CD and Line-in).
DTS Digital Surround decoding.
Dolby Digital support.
Full DOS mode through a TSR.
Full duplex hardware for telephony functions.
PC99 compliant.
Optional digital I/O with coaxial/optical connectors.
PCI Bus Master Interface (PCI 2.2 compliant).
Supports 4-channel AC97 output.
MPU-401 UART-compatible MIDI interface on a second bracket (option).
S-YXG50 software included.

XG-Movie 5.1 is probably the first PC solution offering both DD5.1 and DTS hardware decoding thus making PC-based DVD movie playback a real alternative to set-top DVD-players.

Suggested retail price for XG-Movie 5.1 is $199.00.

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