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More competitors in MP3-CD player game

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 28 Sep 1999 2:11 User comments (1)

Vertical Horizon has developed a player that plays both standard CDs and MP3 CDs. Consumers will no longer have to rely on their PCs and CD ROMs to enjoy CDs with MP3 files. The player features a microprocessor that controls the identification of the signal from the disc, and depending on whether or not it is a CD or MP3 file, runs the file through a MP3 decoder. The player is available as both Home Stereo type and Portable type.

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113.3.2012 3:38

i have a philips discman that plays both mp3s and cds.i also own a dvd player which plays both.the cd player doesnt work on my car sterio but i can listen to mp3s through sd card or usb on the cars sterio.think most modern sterios have mp3 playback.

dont really see anything new in this article.

custom built gaming pc from early 2010,ps2 with 15 games all original,ps3 500gbs with 5 games all original,yamaha amp and 5.1channel surround sound speakers,46inch sony lcd smart tv.

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