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Written by Jari Ketola @ 07 Oct 1999 10:57

A couple of fresh DVD announcement for your pleasure
·Beavis & Butt-Head Do America (11/23/99)
·Chinatown (11/23/99)
·South Park:Bigger, Longer & Uncut (11/23/99)
·Star Trek TV #5:What Are Little/Dagger Mind (11/23/99)
·Star Trek TV #6:Miri/Conscience Of The King (11/23/99)
·Two Jakes (11/23/99)
·U2:Rattle & Hum (11/23/99)

Columbia TriStar:
·Five Easy Pieces (11/16/99)
·Heavy Metal:Spec.Ed (11/23/99)
·Last Picture Show:Spec.Ed (11/16/99)
·Limbo:Spec.Ed (11/23/99)
·Loss Of Sexual Innocence:Spec.Ed (11/16/99)
·River Runs Through It (11/23/99)
·Splendor (11/23/99)
·Wolfgang Petersen 3-Pack (11/16/99)
Includes three films directed by Wolfgang Petersen: "Air Force One:Spec.Ed (DVD/LBX/P&S/AC3)" starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, "Das Boot:Spec.Ed (DVD/LBX/AC3/SUB/DUB/aka The Boat)" starring Jurgen Prochnow, and "In The Line Of Fire (DVD/LBX/AC3)" starring Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich.

·Everest:Spec.Ed:IMAX (12/07/99)
·Inspector Gadget (12/07/99)
·Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas (12/07/99)
·Shakespeare In Love:Spec.Ed (12/07/99)
..Obviously no word whether or not the movies are anamorphic or not.

Warner Music:
·Madonna:The Video Coll. 1992-1999 (11/02/99)

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