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Macrovision and Universal Home Video announced copyprotection agreement

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 20 Dec 1999 18:00

Macrovision and Universal Home Video announced a five years contract of providing copyprotection to UHV's video and DVD titles. Macrovision is a world leading video copy protection provider -- Macrovision code can be inserted into recorded material so that it doesn't effect to picture, but copying the material with basic equipment is hard, almost impossible. Contract covers U.S. and Canadian titles of Universal Home Video.
Altho' there are lot of "Macrovision removers" for most of the video capturing cards and DVD players, the mass audience don't know a heck about these tricks, or just don't care. And this makes video distributors very happy - for now.

Since its first commercial appearance in 1985, Macrovision protection has been used for over 2.5billion video casettes and for over 96 million DVDs.

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