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Streaming DVD?!

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 Mar 2000 18:10

Sonic Solutions Inc. announced today its latest product, called DVDit! that allows people to stream DVD video over the Internet with all the DVD functions that are available in regular DVD movies (menus, etc).
Ok, hold your horses and don't order that OC12 / T-3 line yet. Software basically just reduces the video and audio quality in the level that is reasonable to broadcast over Internet. But the fancy thing is the ability to use DVD menus and other features..

Software is meant for educational purposes, such as having lectures over the Internet in standardized way. But as we have always found out, the pirates are normally the first ones to adopt new technologies (CD-R, MP3, VCD, SVCD, miniDVD, ....) - we'll see.

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